Dont miss the weekend threading contests - Win $Leo & $HBD


How time flies!!!! Well, we have another weekend and its time to think about everything we did the last 5 working days. Weekends are time to rest, to look back, rest and plan a new week - Oh and to do the weekend threading contests!!!!

The weekend threading contests give you an opportunity to share your experiences with various communities hosting the contest and win some HBD and Leo. Its really easy to win. All you have to do is make a thread based on the prompt or topic provided by each community. Just like last week, there are 7 communities participating this week. It means you have 7 huge opportunities to win 10 Leo or 1 HBD. That is amazing!!!!!

I have gone round to gather the links so that it will be easy for you to see all the contests in one place. Before I drop the links, here is a nice little tip to won. Make sure you carefully read the rules for each community presenting the contest. Contestants are awarded based on the best entries that followed all the rules. Of course the rules are not many.

Now here are the participating communities and their links. If I missed any, @tsunsica is sure to remind us.

This weekend threading contests and communities

CommunityContestTotal Prizes
Cross CultureLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
Hive LearnersLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
Silver BloggersLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
Emotions & FeelingsLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
Olio Di BalenaLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
HiveNaijaLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD
Hive DIYLink50 Leo/ 3 HBD

I wish you all the best as you participate in the weekend contests....

...Wait a minute, there is more!!!!!!

Write about the bull run and win $100

Yes thats right!!! InLeo has put together another huge writing contest where you have the opportunity to win 100 HBD. The bull run has began or about to begin. You probably have some crypto in your portfolio and hopes to profit from the anticipated price increase. Now you can win $100 simply by telling us about the crypto which you see as the main one for you in this bull run!!!

You just have to dig a little more and convince us that you know about that crypto you have chosen as the top one for you in this bull run. Even if you are a new user that just created an account right now, you are invited to join this contest.

If you are already itching to learn more about this bumper contest, check for details in the link below:

:::::::::::III 1000 HBD Giveaway: Tell Us Your Top Crypto in This Bull Run


Dont miss opportunities repeatedly. Make sure to participate in the contests featured above. The weekend threading contest and the Bull run writing contest. Who knows, you might be the next fortunate crypto guy smiling to the bank!!!

Do have a lovely weekend fren!!!!!

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this is amazing, so many award to smile home with