Monomad kids photography - daily chalenge

Hello to all my cool friends. How are you?
I brought you a photo from the forest, of a beautiful little girl, which is accompanied by a wonderful visual edit. This photoshoot was done in a beautiful forest with a girl model who was extremely playful.

What can be more beautiful than a laugh from the heart of a child?
I used natural light for these photos because it was sunny and partly cloudy that day and it was a perfect time for photography. After we reached the location, I would suggest the best part for the photo so that our little model would stand and take a photo of her.
Beautiful and lovely style, as well as a beautiful lantern in the hand, which made me perform a beautiful effect in Photoshop on it, which we see together in the second photo.

I added a beautiful butterfly around the lantern using Particle Komkett and Photoshop, and Melina, the beautiful 5-year-old model of this post, is sitting watching the butterflies dance around the lantern.
I would have given his hat style to his next style, but still, he was very stylish and any outfit would suit him. I am glad that I was able to take these photos in the forest in autumn leaves. Photographing in autumn leaves, in a forest full of fallen leaves, feels good, especially when our model is a little girl.

Our beautiful model Melina is sitting on the fallen leaves and is playing with the leaves on the ground and talking to nature. He does it in such a way that you feel that he is really talking to every corner of this beautiful nature
It's great to have both of these together. Children and nature

I took the fourth photo from an angle from above.
Previously, in the movie The Godfather, a scene where Don Corleone is assassinated and the image was shot from above was called God's Eyes in the cinema. put an angle to get.
The shoot went well and we got what we wanted.
Thank you for your attention and I wish you more and more success, dear ones.

camerasony a7 r111 lens 24-70 f 2.8


Good contrast and motif for the photographic composition between the innocence of the little girl and her natural surroundings. Best regards!