This photography blog special for two kids , they names sarah and daniel.

Your child's photographer is doing very well today, he has prepared a super cute post of tiny little table elves.
So without delay, let me introduce you to Daniel and Sarah.
At the beginning, we have Sarah next to a white bed with a snowman and teddy bears beside her, and I have a branch of light just to illuminate my model, and my complementary light, God's infinite blessing, is the sunlight, which plays both the role of background light and the elephant of light. It is very good to be able to use natural light as much as possible, especially for photographing children.

Her facial expression was extremely strange and funny, children are chosen by their parents for special styles during photography. It seems very interesting, I have a picture of myself eating cheese when I was a child, this picture is one of the interesting pictures that my family likes very much.
This little one's big eyes and the beautiful expression of her lips and mouth, as well as the tail on her dress, help her attractiveness a lot, and I always say that you should have a special style for a special photoshoot, especially when you take a planned photo and come to the photography studio.

Little Sarah still couldn't stand well, so she managed to stand next to the bed and with the help of the bed edge support, and we took some beautiful pictures of her next to our snowman.

By the way, we arrived at Mr. Daniel, dear Daniel is sitting on a white chair and has a denim style, Daniel also has a very strange facial expression in one of his photos, really.
The story of the lechhas are very good at expressing the feeling of whatever they have at that moment with their facial expression.

I mean exactly in the second picture of Daniel, you can totally tell from his posture that he would like to take a picture of him in this sitting position😂

Danny, with his different Hattie look, made me choose three photos and express this clearly that how a simple look by a small child can change the mood of the photo and that in black and white photography all the focus is on the model, this is clearer.
Thank you for being with me until the end of the post, my dear friends, and I hope you have a good day and move towards your goals.

cameracanon 5d mark iv lens 35 mm