Splinterlands Art Contest Week 280: Coastal Sentry

Coastal Sentry10.png

I took my drawing this time towards the coast and painted as my entry the 'Coastal Sentry'. A sentry usually stands guard and prevents or disturbs unwanted movements. This sentry in particular which is stationed at the coast needed that feel of waterways and waves. I don't actually know how to imitate this well enough so I went with what I could.

The image I used as a reference was quite huge is there was no room for her trident this time around. I will consider that next time when calculating the size.


Coastal Sentry10.png

the outlines...
Coastal Sentry.png

Coastal Sentry1.png

Coastal Sentry2.png

Coastal Sentry3.png

Coastal Sentry4.png

Coastal Sentry5.png

Coastal Sentry6.png

Coastal Sentry7.png

Coastal Sentry8.png

Coastal Sentry9.png

Coastal Sentry10.png

Thanks for stopping by friends, it is much appreciated.