Learning to be dissapointed


21 April is celebrated as Kartini’s Day, a national hero in Indonesia. Every year if we celebrate Kartini’s day we will use our traditional clothes such as Batik, Kebaya and so on. Usually the school will held Kartini’s event, such as traditional clothes fashion show, reading poem etc. This year, my son’s school held contest decorating lunch or called Bento. It has around 40 participants. I don’t really excited about this contest, because the terms and conditions are vague. The participants should bring all the needed all by them self. The contest would start at 07.00 AM, so I prepare the food the night before so my son and my husband just need to arrange and decorate it. At the D-day my husband got really shocked, almost all the participants were buy the fixed decorative food and then they just rearrange it. After seeing that, he has no spirit to continue the contest. Should we call this cheating? No, because the T&C are no limit, and too vague. It turns that they win the prize. My son was really sad, he even crying out loud for not being the winner, while his best friend become one of the winner. He cry all through to the way home. I try to comforting him but he just to disappointed. I just explain to him that should be winner and loser. We should try it harder next time, and he seems try to understand it. Oh poor my baby boy.
Here is one of the garnish.




I made it from dehydrated carrot and pineapple as a natural flower, and orange in chocolate jelly. I made it all by myself. I didn’t had time to take a snap of the bento because we’re running late. 😆😆. What do you think? Do you think that they cheat or not?