🌟 RISINGSTAR my update - 2023-03-16 ❀️

🎡 Account eddqq 🎡



πŸ•Ί Fans from Cards: 60764
πŸ€ Luck: 18875
🎴 Skill from Cards: 46421
πŸ“― Skill from Lessons: 100663
πŸ’Ž IM: 1063

Hello everyone, another week over, I was able to achieve two goals and can now actively target the next goals, let's see how it works out with the fan cards and the promotion cards.
Hallo zusammen, wieder eine Woche vorbei, ich konnte zwei Ziele erreichen und kann nun aktiv die nΓ€chsten Ziele anpeilen, mal sehen wie das mit den Fan Karten und den Promotion Karten klappt.

πŸ•ΊFestival πŸ’ƒ

The current festival is:

Next Festival:
Australia starts on 23 March

πŸš€ Goals & Timeline πŸš€

GoalTarget dateStatusTimestatus
Fans from Cards 130002022-07-13βœ…πŸ’š
250 Promote Fan Club2022-07-21βœ…πŸ’š
275 Unique Cards2022-07-27βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: 1000 Total Cards2022-07-28βœ…πŸ’š
325 Promote Fan Club2022-08-04βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: Fans from Cards 150002022-08-04βœ…πŸ’š
Skill from Lessons: 250002022-08-11βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 170002022-08-18βœ…πŸ’š
425 Promote Fan Club2022-08-25βœ…πŸ’š
325 Unique Cards2022-09-01βœ…πŸ’š
Find 1x FA2 Casual Fan2022-09-08βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: 525 Promote Fan Club2022-09-08βœ…πŸ’š
2000 Total Cards2022-09-15βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 250002022-09-22βœ…πŸ’š
700 Promote Fan Club2022-09-29βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Skill from Lessons: 450002022-10-06βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Find up to 5x FA2 Casual Fan2022-10-13βœ…πŸ’š
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, vacation on the Maldives 🌴2022-10-20🌴🌴
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, vacation on the Maldives 🌴2022-10-27🌴🌴
875 Promote Fan Club2022-11-03βœ…β€οΈ
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal2022-11-10βœ…πŸ’š
850 Promote Fan Club2022-11-17βœ…πŸ’š
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, hiking πŸ—»2022-11-24πŸ—»πŸ—»
Get 100x FA1 Supportive Friend2022-12-01βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 400002022-12-08βœ…πŸ’š
875 Promote Fan Club2022-12-15βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 450002022-12-22βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Skill from Lessons: 700002022-12-29βœ…πŸ’š
950 Promote Fan Club2023-01-05βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 500002023-01-12βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Find up to 5x FA3 Super Fan2023-01-19βœ…πŸ’š
500 Unique Cards2023-02-16βœ…πŸ’š
3100 Total Cards2023-02-23βœ…πŸ’š
1000 Promote Fan Club2023-03-02βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 550002023-03-09βœ…πŸ’š
Skill from Lessons: 1000002023-03-16βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 600002023-03-23βœ…πŸ’š
Get 300x FA1 Supportive Friend2023-03-30πŸ’™βœοΈ
3600 Total Cards2023-04-06πŸ’™πŸ’­
Get 35x FA2 Casual Fan2023-04-13πŸ’™πŸ’­
Fans from Cards 650002023-04-20πŸ’™πŸ’­
600 Unique Cards2023-04-27πŸ’™πŸ’­
1200 Promote Fan Club2003-05-04πŸ’™βœοΈ
Get 500x FA1 Supportive Friend2003-05-11πŸ’™πŸ’­
Fans from Cards 700002003-05-18πŸ’™πŸ’­
5000 Total Cards2003-05-25πŸ’™πŸ’­
πŸ”₯Get 10x FA3 Super Fan2023-06-01πŸ’™πŸ’­
1350 Promote Fan Club2023-06-08πŸ’™πŸ’­
Symbols and their meanings
Statusβœ… Completed✍️ Active progressπŸ’­ PassiveπŸ’€ Not started
TimestatusπŸ’š AccomplishedπŸ’™ In timeπŸ’› Critical❀️ Not managed

πŸ… Milestones πŸ…

Current Unique Cards: 549
475 Unique Cardsβœ…2023-02-09
500 Unique Cardsβœ…2023-02-16
525 Unique Cardsβœ…2023-03-02
550 Unique Cards❌-
600 Unique Cards❌-
625 Unique Cards❌-
Current Total Cards: 3511
3200 Total Cardsβœ…2023-02-16
3300 Total Cardsβœ…2023-02-16
3500 Total Cardsβœ…2023-03-16
3750 Total Cards❌-
4000 Total Cards❌-
4250 Total Cards❌-
Current Level: 112
Level 100βœ…2022-12-08
Level 105βœ…2023-02-09
Level 110βœ…2023-03-02
Level 115❌-
Level 120❌-
Level 125❌-
Current Promote Fan Clubs: 1021
950 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2023-01-05
975 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2023-02-23
1000 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2023-03-02
1025 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
1050 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
1075 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
Current Rank: 163
Top 400βœ…2022-06-29
Top 350βœ…2022-10-27
Top 300βœ…2022-11-24
Top 250βœ…2023-03-02
Top 200βœ…2023-03-09
Top 175βœ…2023-03-16
Top 150❌-
Top 125❌-
Current Total Missions: 10768
Total Missions 9500βœ…2023-02-16
Total Missions 10000βœ…2023-03-02
Total Missions 10500βœ…2023-03-16
Total Missions 11000❌-
Total Missions 12000❌-
Total Missions 13000❌-
Current Fans from Cards: 60764
Fans from Cards 50000βœ…2023-01-12
Fans from Cards 55000βœ…2023-02-23
Fans from Cards 60000βœ…2023-03-16
Fans from Cards 65000❌-
Fans from Cards 70000❌-
Fans from Cards 75000❌-

🎴 Collections 🎴

Super fan collectionCountCollected
FA1 Supportive Friend272βœ…
FA2 Casual Fan33βœ…
FA3 Super Fan5βœ…
FA4 Mega Fan❌
Festival wristband and blended collection
FT1 United Kingdom❌
FT2 Ireland❌
FT3 Netherlands❌
FT4 Belgium❌
FT5 Germany❌
FT6 Denmark❌
FT7 Poland❌
FT8 Czechia❌
FT9 Finland❌
FT10 Sweden❌
FT11 Norway❌
FT12 Iceland❌
FTB1 Dougie πŸ”…1βœ…
FT13 France❌
FT14 Spain❌
FT15 Portugal❌
FT16 Italy❌
FT17 Switzerland❌
FT18 Luxembourg❌
FT19 Austria❌
FT20 Hungary❌
FT21 Romania❌
FT22 Ukraine❌
FT23 Greece❌
FTB2 Jojo πŸ”…1βœ…
FT24 UAE1βœ…
FT25 South Africa1βœ…
FT26 Pakistan1βœ…
FT27 India1βœ…
FT28 Malaysia1βœ…
FT29 Thailand1βœ…
FT30 Taiwan1βœ…
FT31 Philippines1βœ…
FT32 Japan1βœ…
FT33 Hong Kong1βœ…
FT34 China1βœ…
FT35 Peace1βœ…
FT36 Singapore1βœ…
FT37 Australia❌
FT38 New Zealand❌
FTB3 Gizmo πŸ”…βŒ
FT40 Canada❌
FT41 Mexico❌
FT42 Brazil❌
FT43 Chile❌
FT44 Argentina❌
FT45 Venezuela❌
FT46 Colombia❌
FT47 Bolivia❌
FT48 Paraguay❌
FT49 Uruguay❌
FT50 Peru❌
FT51 Ecuador❌
FT52 Costa Rica❌
FTB4 Stephie πŸ”…βŒ
FTB5 The Risers πŸ”…βŒ
FTB6 The Risen πŸ”…βŒ

About Rising Star


Rising Star is a Hive-Blockchain Based card collecting and band management simulation game. Players can earn cryptocurrency called #Starbits by playing which they can spend on more Rising Star #NFT cards or trade for Hive or other cryptocurrency from the Hive-Blockchain.
Rising Star ist ein auf der Hive-Blockchain basierendes Karten-Sammel- und Band-Management-Simulationsspiel. Spieler kΓΆnnen durch das Spielen KryptowΓ€hrung namens #Starbits verdienen, die sie fΓΌr weitere Rising Star #NFT Karten ausgeben kΓΆnnen oder gegen Hive oder andere KryptowΓ€hrung aus der Hive-Blockchain eintauschen kΓΆnnen.
Feel free to use my referral link to stay in a healthy exchange with me. I try to give all my referrals a little jump start.
Gerne kannst du meinen Referral link nutzen um mit mir in einem gesunden Austausch zu bleiben. Ich versuche allen meinen Referrals eine kleine Starthilfe zu geben.

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Schân, endlich mal noch ein deutscher Zocker in RS 😎 Geht ja anstÀndig voran bei dir.


Vielen Dank! :) Ja ich versuche von Woche zu Woche immer weiter zu kommen :) !PGM


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