🌟 RISINGSTAR my update - 2022-12-08 ❀️

🎡 Account eddqq 🎡



πŸ•Ί Fans from Cards: 40809
πŸ€ Luck: 13351
🎴 Skill from Cards: 30694
πŸ“― Skill from Lessons: 48760
πŸ’Ž IM: 702

So, I already accomplished this week's goal last week. For next week I want to get the next fan card and then a very critical goal is the 45,000 fans. Let's see if that works.
So, das Ziel von dieser Woche habe ich bereits letzte Woche geschafft. FΓΌr die nΓ€chste Woche will ich die nΓ€chste Fankarte bekommen und dann ein sehr kritisches Ziel sind die 45.000 Fans. Mal sehen ob das klappt.

πŸ•ΊFestival πŸ’ƒ




πŸš€ Goals & Timeline πŸš€

GoalTarget dateStatusTimestatus
Fans from Cards 130002022-07-13βœ…πŸ’š
250 Promote Fan Club2022-07-21βœ…πŸ’š
275 Unique Cards2022-07-27βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: 1000 Total Cards2022-07-28βœ…πŸ’š
325 Promote Fan Club2022-08-04βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: Fans from Cards 150002022-08-04βœ…πŸ’š
Skill from Lessons: 250002022-08-11βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 170002022-08-18βœ…πŸ’š
425 Promote Fan Club2022-08-25βœ…πŸ’š
325 Unique Cards2022-09-01βœ…πŸ’š
Find 1x FA2 Casual Fan2022-09-08βœ…πŸ’š
πŸš€ new target date: 525 Promote Fan Club2022-09-08βœ…πŸ’š
2000 Total Cards2022-09-15βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 250002022-09-22βœ…πŸ’š
700 Promote Fan Club2022-09-29βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Skill from Lessons: 450002022-10-06βœ…πŸ’š
πŸ”₯Find up to 5x FA2 Casual Fan2022-10-13βœ…πŸ’š
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, vacation on the maldives 🌴2022-10-20🌴🌴
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, vacation on the maldives 🌴2022-10-27🌴🌴
875 Promote Fan Club2022-11-03βœ…β€οΈ
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal2022-11-10--
850 Promote Fan Club2022-11-17βœ…πŸ’š
Collect starbits and so on, no active goal, hiking πŸ—»2022-11-24πŸ—»πŸ—»
Get 100x FA1 Supportive Friend2022-12-01βœ…πŸ’š
Fans from Cards 400002022-12-08βœ…πŸ’š
875 Promote Fan Club2022-12-15βœοΈπŸ’™
Fans from Cards 450002022-12-22βœοΈπŸ’›
Symbols and their meanings
Statusβœ… Completed✍️ Active progressπŸ’­ PassiveπŸ’€ Not started
TimestatusπŸ’š AccomplishedπŸ’™ In timeπŸ’› Critical❀️ Not managed

πŸ… Milestones πŸ…

Current Unique Cards: 438
375 Unique Cardsβœ…2022-10-07
400 Unique Cardsβœ…2022-11-10
425 Unique Cardsβœ…2022-12-01
450 Unique Cards❌-
475 Unique Cards❌-
500 Unique Cards❌-
Current Total Cards: 2673
2400 Total Cardsβœ…2022-10-13
2500 Total Cardsβœ…2022-11-10
2600 Total Cardsβœ…2022-12-01
2700 Total Cards❌-
2800 Total Cards❌-
2900 Total Cards❌-
Current Level: 100
Level 90βœ…2022-09-08
Level 95βœ…2022-10-27
Level 100βœ…2022-12-08
Level 105❌-
Level 110❌-
Level 115❌-
Current Promote Fan Clubs: 851
800 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2022-11-10
820 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2022-11-24
850 Promote Fan Clubsβœ…2022-11-24
875 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
900 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
930 Promote Fan Clubs❌-
Current Rank: 227
Top 400βœ…2022-06-29
Top 350βœ…2022-10-27
Top 300βœ…2022-11-24
Top 250βœ…2022-12-08
Top 200βœ…2022-09-29
Top 175❌-
Top 150❌-
Top 125❌-
Current Total Missions: 7329
Total Missions 5000βœ…2022-09-22
Total Missions 6000βœ…2022-10-27
Total Missions 7000βœ…2022-12-01
Total Missions 8000❌-
Total Missions 9000❌-
Total Missions 10000❌-
Current Fans from Cards: 40809
Fans from Cards 30000βœ…2022-09-29
Fans from Cards 35000βœ…2022-11-10
Fans from Cards 40000βœ…2022-12-01
Fans from Cards 45000❌-
Fans from Cards 50000❌-
Fans from Cards 55000❌-

🎴 Collections 🎴

Super fan collectionCountCollected
FA1 Supportive Friend112βœ…
FA2 Casual Fan10βœ…
FA3 Super Fan2βœ…
FA4 Mega Fan❌
Festival wristband and blended collection
FT1 United Kingdom❌
FT2 Ireland❌
FT3 Netherlands❌
FT4 Belgium❌
FT5 Germany❌
FT6 Denmark❌
FT7 Poland❌
FT8 Czechia❌
FT9 Finland❌
FT10 Sweden❌
FT11 Norway❌
FT12 Iceland❌
FTB1 Dougie πŸ”…1βœ…
FT13 France1βœ…
FT14 Spain1βœ…
FT15 Portugal1βœ…
FT16 Italy1βœ…
FT17 Switzerland1βœ…
FT18 Luxembourg1βœ…
FT19 Austria1βœ…
FT20 Hungary1βœ…
FT21 Romania1βœ…
FT22 Ukraine1βœ…
FT23 Greece❌
FTB2 Jojo πŸ”…βŒ
FT25 South Africa❌
FT26 Pakistan❌
FT27 India❌
FT28 Malaysia❌
FT29 Thailand❌
FT30 Taiwan❌
FT31 Philippines❌
FT32 Japan❌
FT33 Hong Kong❌
FT34 China❌
FT35 Peace❌
FT36 Singapore❌
FT37 Australia❌
FT38 New Zealand❌
FTB3 Gizmo πŸ”…βŒ
FT40 Canada❌
FT41 Mexico❌
FT42 Brazil❌
FT43 Chile❌
FT44 Argentina❌
FT45 Venezuela❌
FT46 Colombia❌
FT47 Bolivia❌
FT48 Paraguay❌
FT49 Uruguay❌
FT50 Peru❌
FT51 Ecuador❌
FT52 Costa Rica❌
FTB4 Stephie πŸ”…βŒ
FTB5 The Risers πŸ”…βŒ
FTB6 The Risen πŸ”…βŒ

About Rising Star


Rising Star is a Hive-Blockchain Based card collecting and band management simulation game. Players can earn cryptocurrency called #Starbits by playing which they can spend on more Rising Star #NFT cards or trade for Hive or other cryptocurrency from the Hive-Blockchain.
Rising Star ist ein auf der Hive-Blockchain basierendes Karten-Sammel- und Band-Management-Simulationsspiel. Spieler kΓΆnnen durch das Spielen KryptowΓ€hrung namens #Starbits verdienen, die sie fΓΌr weitere Rising Star #NFT Karten ausgeben kΓΆnnen oder gegen Hive oder andere KryptowΓ€hrung aus der Hive-Blockchain eintauschen kΓΆnnen.
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