My Actifit Report Card: December 9 2023 my grandmother is sick


Hello everyone good people. How are you? I hope everyone is always healthy. This time my grandmother was sick, she felt back pain and didn't feel well and told me. I usually massage it but this time I was a little tired and I offered my grandmother to buy me medicine but she didn't want to. A little story about my grandmother, she is my biological mother's mother. Or you could say this is my maternal grandmother. He lives alone and is accompanied by me for now. We live together in the same house. I live with my grandmother because I feel sorry for my grandmother sleeping alone at home afraid of what she might need later. I can help her. This time she asked me to take her for an injection at my grandmother's regular doctor next to my village not far away. Without delay Again, I immediately answered that later after Maghrib prayer I would deliver it. The time came, the weather was quite favorable, I immediately took my grandmother to my grandmother's regular doctor's place and immediately had her examined and given an injection, given medicine, etc. I didn't wait long because the place was quiet and not much crowded. People around my grandmother's house said it was expensive, but my grandmother said she would fit in there, so even though it's expensive, the important thing is to be healthy. Remember "being healthy is expensive, friends" so don't forget to take care of your health.
After returning from there, my grandmother asked me to stop by the shop to buy household materials needed at home. And after everything was finished we went straight home and my grandmother rested while asking for a foot massage. After that I went to my room and was in front of my work desk and enjoyed the silence of the night.
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