My daily progress and rewards in Splinterlands 17. Nov. 23

Hello Splinterlands Community!

I want to share my progress in Splinterlands with you playing already in Diamond League most of the time trying to push forward to hopefully hit Champion Leauge one day ✌️

My highest all time rating : 3.604 rating points ( only 96 points away from champ 🤜 )

Have already 6 EOS chests. My goal are 45 chests this season. ( +1 each season )

~ 140 points left to Diamond I .


My last daily rewards:

Got some common cards no SPS and some Merits out of 4 Diamond chests today.


Here is also my staked SPS progress. I´m staking nearly every SPS i get till i have 100K SPS staked.
Passed the 39K milestone ! next stop 40K


Have fun playing Splinterlands guys and see you there on the Battlefield!

If you not into Splinterlands right now you can join HERE!

--- No financial advice! D.y.o.r. before Invest ---