Getting Better Health Device, Digitalize Your Health


It's been a long time since my last post here in #FreeCompliments community, I think the last one is this 100 Squat Challenges I made because of reading @dbooster post. There are many I could write as posts however I even do not have proper time to run my daily Rising Star Game giveaway... It's a busy right now, a very busy one.


Actually I have bought a new digital device called Honor Smart Scale 2, for a 236.000 Rupiah from a marketplace.


If we convert those number to US dollar, this is what we get:


$15,31 was a good deal that time, I got that last year and I could only used if for weeks... Then Huawei Health got some dispute with Google, so some of their apps were gone from playstore... Not only the apps, but I could not even use it again. So for months I have that Honor Smart Scale sitting idle next to my old digital body scale.


However this month everything is changed... We have got a new Iphone for my father, so we could access that god damn scale from Iphone. There is another Iphone in my house beside my fathers, but the IOS doesn't support the scale too.

And yeah, it works now



That's the result I get after I am weighting myself on Honor 2 Smart Scale. I am getting all my family on the scale too, because there are some other benefits we can get from this scale.

1. Detailed Data And Better Screening

The smart scale gives a detail on you, its not about sending you a fancy cutting tech numbers. The scale measures data that ordinary scale can not do, like body fat, visceral fat, bone mineral content and heart rate.

It tells you what happens in your body.. not just telling you that you are getting fatter or getting slimmer. It can tell you that even you are fat, are you the healthy fat man or a bad health one?

In my case, it tells me that I need to do some cardio workout. How do I know that? because the body fat is high and my heart rate is high. Normal people should have around 60 to 100 bpm heart rate and mine almost breaches the above limit.

There is a small possibility that I get Tachycardia. Remember in my squat post, I said that I had problem with body balance and could not walk far? Here Tachycardia symptom:

  1. High heart rate ✔️ mine is almost there
  2. Shortness of breath ✔️ I can't run properly
  3. Lightheadedness. ✔️ sometime I need stick to walk, right?

I am not saying I am sure of it, but that's something I need to aware and if I get more time, I might consult this with some medical expert.

2. Very Affordable Price

Honor 2 Smart Scale is priced around $15-16 in my city, I do not know how much it is in your place. Personally I do not recommend this Honor 2, due to that Google Playstore kicked out, however I really recommend you have a smart scale, from other brand maybe, because it is really worth to have it.

I don't mean that you must get the best one, which is 10-12x of Huawei price, but we still have other brand such as MI which is on the same price zone. Getting it by spending $30-40 is still worth, because if you fail to detect some health issue earlier, the cost you need to spend will be waaaaay above it, and you will lose some time for medication and recovery too.

3. Historical Record

Everything will be recorded in your phone, you do not have to write it down in any paper. You can custom the settings too, so one phone can record multiple users.

This is very beneficial for those people who on weight control program, because they could know whether they are improving or not.

Ok that's for now, I want to promote using Smart Scale however I do not want to end up as Scale salesman

What Next? - TABATA

I will talk more about TABATA next time, after I am doing it several days ahead. Wonder what TABATA is? check this video below, it's one of the most simple workout

This workout is good when you don't have a lot of free time and free space... And I think I might have to continue my calisthenic workout too, it was stopped two weeks ago due to laziness...

ok see you on my next post



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