Another Week, Another New Splinterlands Challenge... Hello Everyone, welcome back to my weekly Splinterlands Battle Mage Secret challenge. As of this week, we are having AIMLESS Ruleset as our theme. It's bit funny, after AIM TRUE, then we have AIM LESS... maybe we should have another AIM something ruleset too so we can hold a trilogy edition of this challenge.

AIMLESS is a ruleset that gives scattershot ability to all of the units in the battlefield. So all magic and range attacks will be randomized, and camouflage ability user can not hide from this scattered attacks.

To be honest, I am not a fan of this scattershot things. I do not like depending or relying myself too much on RNG god. It does not mean I hate RNG, it just we have already too many RNG, and having RNG to pick which one is our target is too much for me.

So usually I just ignore this ruleset and go with Melee focused line up. Even if I lose, I have no reason to blame RNG.. or maybe less reason for it... OK Let's check our battle then...

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~Click The Image Above To See the Full Battle~

This was a Gold League battle of Wild Format. I was using @Blackkrrsantan, a Scholarship account for Juice Guild from bulldog1205 one of our famous streamer.


We had a funny ruleset here, only 1 ruleset in Gold League. I think this was a perfect ruleset for this Battle Mage Secret challenge, because everything would be based on how we could exploit this ruleset to get more advantages than our opponent. So here were my points of building my line up

  1. 59 mana cap, this was all out war. No excuse for a lousy line up
  2. I preferred Kelya Frendul over Quix The Devious, because I believe 1 armor was a better one than -1 range debuff in this battle.
  3. Another my main consideration was Water Element was full of high speed melee attackers.

So this was how the battle went:


  • The battle started with both of us buffing up our team and debuffing our opponents. My opponent brought Possibilus, making his team harder to be killed and I must worry about their Coastal Sentry.
  • My opponent had 8 melee damage, 3 range damage and 7 magic damage. It's a 15 damage per round and we had not counted their trample ability and double strike ability from the Coastal Sentry.
  • My team had 15 melee damage per round plus a 3 range from my Teenage Ninja Turtle.
  • In the first round my Kulu Mastermind and Deeplurker joined force killing their Water Elemental.


  • Round 2 started with 5 vs 6 condition. The battle went with each of us canceling our opponent meta. My Diemonshark enraged with extra speed from Keyla and Blind effect from Flying Squid, was a hard target to hit for Coastal Sentry. Meanwhile Their Oshannus who had forcefield minimized damage from Diemonshark
  • Later in this round, their Djinn Oshannus got killed and I managed to widen the gap


  • Round 3 started with 4 vs 6 condition, I needed to get rid their Deeplurker first, because Opportunity + Trample was a nasty combination.


  • We got this battle. The battle would still a long way to go but I believed I had secured the win from this point forward.


  • Round 5 was the last round. Good Game.


  • oh look!! I was wrong... The Runemaner Kye dodged my Kulu Mastermind and Deeplurker attacks... She survived for another round


  • Good Game now

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Both of us came with water elements and somehow in the middle I kept widen the gap and finally beaten my opponent confidently. Ok lets see what points we can take from this battle.

1 My Melee Focused Meta Is Working

The result which I came as the winner already prove that my approach was a good one. It might not be the best, but it definitely worked better than my opponent approach.

The problem in scattershot is sometime our attacks get dispersed so instead of killing one target at a time, we keep damaging our targets without killing them.

This is the main reason why I do not like scattershot, and the fact I was using two opportunity ability users, Deeplurker and Kulu Mastermind, was a prove that killing target one by one was a better move than doing big damage but scattered everywhere


This is one of the different between our approach, I had Kelya Frendul to boost up my speed, and they did not care about speed buff nor debuff.

Both of us were using fast units, however due to Kelya Frendul, my team was faster than my opponent, and this "faster" gave me advantage by hitting and killing them first.

3 Lack of Focus

I am not saying my opponent tactic is bad, however their approach is lack of focus. They had Possibilus but they only focused on Coastal Sentry and Deeplurker only. That meant only 2 of their units would utilize Possibilus abilities.

Meanwhile my meta was a lot more focused. I wanted to attack with Melee, so I brought Noa The Just, who had Rusted Ability, making opponents could not defend using armor.

I believed if my opponent had another big melee hitter, especially Kulu Mastermind, I would have lost badly in this battle... of course even I lost that way, it proved that Melee Focus Meta was a better one in AIM LESS.

ok that's for today, Have fun with AIM LESS ruleset. And please and don't forget to leave your comment or feedback below. thank you.

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Thank you for visiting my BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge, don't forget to leave your comments and feedback below. There are credits in this post for these people:

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