Random pictures of my city. | Monomad Contest.


This is my entry to the #monomad contest by @monochromes. 📸.

Hello guys !!!

I continue to show you photos of my city, in this post I bring you a variety of random images, selected from my outings around the city center and its surroundings, when editing them I applied a classic black and white color tone.

This time I tried to select the best images, the ones I liked the most for their sharpness and photographic composition.

This image of the classic car of the 50s I loved, seeing the white car next to the black one, reminds me of this community, when I captured it I thought to achieve some reflection of the cars on the wet floor, but I didn't achieve it.

This other image has an architectural design of the colonial era was restored and painted a few years ago, today it is a store where various products are sold to the population.

This image is of the city park, in the background you can see the large lagoon that identifies it, of which I already made a post in previous days.

This row of palms is located at one of the entrances to the city park is an area that I have yet to show in other posts, today I bring it because of all the photos of that place, this one gets my applause.

I finish with the image of the entrance to the church, one of the busiest and most visited by the population, very well maintained and painted, it is located in the surroundings of Martí Park, in the center of the city.

I say goodbye to you with the wish that you like the photos, lots of health and blessings.

My current gear


Camera: Nikon D 7000
Nikkor 50 mm

English is not my first language, I use Google Translation.

Copyrigth © by @daryh All rigths reserved, 2024


If there wasn't a modern car next to the old card in the photo, anyone could easily believe that it was taken in 1960...

I loved the classic car, it is beautiful


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