"Amazing grace" cover vibes web3 week 7


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It's my first time participating in the the vibes web3 competition. I thought it'd be nice to give it a shot and make an entry for this week's competition.

Well, I sang "Amazing grace", a popular hymn song, because it meant a lot to me during certain days when I gave up on life and when I was weary. It revived my strength in my darkest moments, something I'll never forget.


I've always loved singing though, I can't go a day without voicing out a song, sometimes it even gets my college roommate angry😅. But that's what you get for staying around a guy who loves something with all his heart. Music means a lot to me, it's my go-to in moments of despair.

I even had to create a twitter account just for the sole purpose of this vibes web3 competition. I'm not a twitter person but I'm glad I found this place because just within a day, I've learnt a whole lot about twitter and attended the popular "twitter space" for the first time in my life...

I guess we learn every day and I'm happy to be part of that process.

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