Photos from the Art House Gig 3.3.23


This is a little post from me sharing the pictures I took from my charity gig at The Art House on the 3rd of March. We did actually have a photgrahper on the night taking some official photographs, but I thought I'd share with my attempts to take a few. Of course, it is about sharing photos from the event, but it is also about me improving my skills as well. The night was a huge success, and we managed to raise £248 pounds for Art House community pantry. So there we are, let's get into the pictures;

First up, we have Diego! Kindly opening up the show for us! It was not the best photo in the world, but I was working the door, so I could only get from this angle.

Next up, we have Simion. I feel like this is actually a better shoot, and we get to see a bit more crowd action as well, which I think is pretty cool.

It's the lovely Rhirhi turn now! Similar angels, but I think it's quite a cool shot. A bit more zoomed in this time around.

Finally, we have the mighty Bo Gallows. Managed to get a bit of a different angle just to spice things up! It's definitely my best work of the evening.

And that concludes it, really! I was up last but obeveriously couldn't take photos of myself. I hope you enjoyed the photos and this fairly brief posts. Really, it was a great night and for a great cause.

Thanks for reading,