People Are Starting To Acknowledge the Housing Market Is Collapsing - Too Late, It is Going Away


Finally, most pundits are starting to acknowledge that the housing market is going down. They have been ignoring all the warning signs. They have been ignoring what is really happening on the streets. It seems like they are being paid to paint a rosey picture even when things are dire.

The people who are seeing this crash happening are talking about getting cash ready to buy at the bottom of the market.

Conspiracy theorists believe that BlackRock is planning to buy up all the residential realestate, becoming the landlord of The US, if not the world.

But none of this will come to pass. In 50 years, the cities will be mostly empty.

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Restricting food leads to better escapes

The Powers that Shouldn't Be have plans, and they are pulling out all the stops. They are going to restrict food, water, energy until everyone complies. They are going to decrease the number of jobs. They are going to increase the interest rates. They are trying to make it as hard on people as possible

But they are forgetting a huge thing, that people do not have to stay trapped in cities. That people, when restricted, find ways around that restriction. And now, that ideas are starting to flow (age of Aquarius) the ways around the restriction will be better than what we had.

Imagine the grocery store putting restrictions of some sort, like limits on purchases, or not carrying what you like to eat. And then, the grey-market steps in and provides better food, better prices and better service. And, slowly at first, but picking up steam, people stop shopping at the grocery store. Only a few people shop at the grocery store, because they are unable to change their ways. The supermarket now has no power. TPTshouldn'tB lose their power to control. As they made the supermarket more difficult, they forget the whole reason supermarkets existed, convenience.

And this will happen in all areas.

- - - - - - -

New technology makes cities obsolete

Imagine a world where you had abundant electricity wherever you wanted. A small community could be built anywhere.

New greenhouse technologies would mean you have to spend less than 10 hours a week to feed yourself.

New manufacturing technologies mean you have little need for offshore manufacturing.

Or, all the things that were the benefits of living in a city, go away.

So, as TPTshoudln'tB clamp down on freedoms and living necessities, more people find ways around the restrictions that are wholly better. As in, we will not go back, even when all the restrictions are lifted.

- - - - - - -

Suburbs are bad, really bad, m'kay?


The suburbs are the worst thing ever created for humans. It destroys what is most valuable for human life, and gives almost nothing. The land around the home is not big enough to actually do anything, nor small enough to just ignore. It divides families, so that the grandma and grandpa are too far away to actually be of help when raising children, nor are they near enough that their children can help in old age.

All the infrastructure in cities is falling apart. It won't be long before cities are left dry and without power. So, all of the mother WEFers ideas of 15 minute cities are going to fail, because they are going to have to rebuild everything. And if everything needs rebuilding, then people will just rebuild where they feel is best. And the new technology will allow them to do that.

TPTshouldn'tB lose what they were using as control.

- - - - - - -


  • The baby boomers move to care facilities or to mortuary plots. 25% of houses become vacant.
  • People are dying from the VAXXX, and it is increasing. More houses left empty
  • Riots and loss of peace. Crime skyrockets. Everyone who can leave, will leave

These are almost nothing compared to:

  • Lack of food, water and electricity.

Meaning the cities turn into a war zone. People eat zoo animals. Everyone who has any ability to leave does.

Unless corporations, along with that high paying job also has guarded and gated communities with their own food and power, they aren't keeping any employees.

And the real nail in the coffin for cities will be the communities forming away from the cities will be so much better in terms of every metric, that it will be no choice for every warm blooded, feeling, caring human.

Cities will be mostly left deserted.

Blackrock will be buying up a whole lot of nothin.

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