No More Mortgages - As in, at all, ever.


Moody's Downgrades 10 US Banks, Warns Possible Cuts To Others

Like, finally, Moody's is catching up to what many people have been screaming about, about the banking industry.

All the banks are insolvent.
Financial schisms are forming around the world.
Monetary policies are going off the rails.
On top of that, there is a plan to destroy/buy up all the small and medium sized banks.

The prospective home buyers is facing higher rates, and soon...

No more mortgages.

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The financial structure changes

No more mortgages means that the entire housing market changes, overnight.

The problem is we can't use this information alone. What will the rest of the financial world look like?

There could literally be no money. All the banks gone, all the ATMs shut down. No one as access to any of the money they had in the bank. And in this scenario, you either trade your home for another house. Or the price is whatever cash someone has.

This could happen while cryptos are mooning. And people just start buying houses with a faucet's worth of cryptos. Or we actually start seeing crypto loans for houses. (if this happens, we will probably also see tokenization of houses along with it)

Or we are somewhere in the middle between the old The US dollar and the new CBDC/FedNow and again, houses will be traded for whatever they can get/whatever can be given.

Or, if the financial house of cards can last long enough, suburban houses become free as so many of them are left empty.

There are pieces i know are going to happen... but the timing, and the timing in between the pieces is troublesome. It looks like things are going to be a mess.

- - - - - - -

Mortgages are gone, in every meaning of the word

With suburban houses becoming not very valuable, almost overnight, many people will just stop paying on their mortgages.

But before then, many people are going to be missing mortgage payments as more of their income goes for fuel and food.

On top of this, banks will cease to lend on mortgages. So hard to lend on a descending asset.
Even if the bank is able to stay solvent.

And while all of this happens, Black rock/stone will be trying to buy up everything to build the WEF's 15 minute cities prisons. (meaning the banksters do not want to lend to people to buy houses, the want them renting forever)

All in all, in every way, mortgages are going to disappear.

- - - - - - -

How to plan for the future

Many people on UTube are telling people to get free of debt and save up money, because the housing market is going to crash like 2008 and you can buy up the cheap houses. Which was great advice back in 2008, but now the houses in many suburbs are going to go down and down and down.

There will be no meaning to buying a house in the suburbs.
There will be no investment opportunities there.

The valuable land will be places where you can grow a family and a garden.

Further, on a long enough time scale, land ownership becomes inverted.
The land owns you, as it has always been
The owner of the land is the person who takes care of it and nurtures it.

The ultra high density of cities will be a thing of the past, and areas we consider remote today will be easily accessible with easy water and power made locally.

Investing in the housing market is pretty much over.

The concept of buying houses to, basically, withhold them from people, to get a higher price will become verboten, and untenable. (nobody should be left without shelter. but we shift to a more tribe like structure, so it is your extended family that needs to be sheltered. Also, there is so much land, and a rich person cannot tie it up. Nor can a govern-cement agency like BLM. So, people become more spread out.)

So, you might say, that mortgages becoming a thing of the past, is just one domino in many that lead to a very different future.

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