Back performing live at gigs, dancing together in front of the audience || "Tamora Showcase" event.


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Hello friends in the hive community, we are back by uploading an appearance at the "Tamora Showcase" event which was held on February 27, 2022.

The Covid-19 pandemic still haunts musicians to appear off-air. Several activities that the community tries to create are often postponed and even canceled due to the unstable pandemic conditions in our country, Indonesia, and many countries in the world. For musicians and bands like us, there must be a lot of tactics to continue working as well as promos at this time. So, during this pandemic, we were helped a lot by many communities, including the cross-genre music community, the Vespa community, friends from the punk community, who always held collective events or gigs during the pandemic so that the stage and gatherings were not interrupted. It doesn't mean that you can't adapt to the virtual world, but returning to appear directly in front of the audience is a different sensation when making music. There is a different vibe that comes from the audience's response when singing together.


So we have always maintained communication and friendship in the community. That's why until now, during the pandemic, we have been saved a lot by the community or because this band does play in community music. It just feels like here, we don't just play with one community, but play with many communities. One of them is that at this "Tamora Showcase" event, we are back performing live.


Tamora Showcase is the name of this activity, Tamora is an acronym for Tanjung Morawa City which is a place that the community wants to expose. This event starts from the afternoon until the evening with the majority of bands performing grunge, metal, and punk genres. However, we were also invited to participate with the only band with the reggae genre. Again, as we described above, this is thanks to the mutual communication between us as a band and the community.


When performing at the event yesterday, we were allowed to perform at night by performing 3 songs for each band. Activities started from the afternoon until almost the day changed, with a lineup of nearly 20 bands filling the stage alternately. The majority of the filler bands are from Tamora (Tanjung Morawa City) of course, as well as being the venue for the activities. yes like the name of the event, "Tamora Showcase". We came from the city of Medan to the city of Tanjung Morawa by motorbike, in rainy conditions. Several times we stopped being caught in the flood and heavy rain, but this did not dampen our enthusiasm to appear and meet the brothers and sisters at the event. Because we miss an atmosphere like this can continue to exist.


After the headbanging and moshing audiences were enchanted by the music of the bands that appeared before us. It was our turn to slow down the tempo, cool down for a moment to the strains of reggae music in the first song (check the previous post). In the previous post, we covered a rock song with the title "Telalu Manis" from a band from Jakarta, Slank. Then, in this post, we will bring the song "Gara-Gara Rasta" from Botagearista, a band from Semarang. We performed this song to invite the pogo-pogo audience to warm up the atmosphere in the performance hall, where previously almost all of the visitors, including us, were wet in the rain. Finally, we returned to take the opium on stage.

Enjoy watching and thank you for seeing our performance. Uyeee and regards.

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