MY favorite age and why? (What happened that makes it so?)

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In today's publication here on $HiveGhana I will be taking part on the weekly #26 engagement writing contest on the topic:

What is your favorite age and why? What happened that makes it so?

What is my favorite age?

Hello beautiful people of hive, how are you all doing today and I hope that you are having a wonderful day as well as enjoying your current age? Don't be surprise I'm asking of your current age as today's topic is basically about sharing my favorite age and why I picked it to be my favourite age. In as much as life is concerned we learn from our own experiences and as well other people's experiences by paying attention to what they have gone through that is been communicated to us or that of which we have seen and witnessed with our own eyes and so with that being said, we cannot always 100% make our decisions towards someone else's experience but rather comply with our own experience to know what works for us and why. So with that being said, the age I pick to be my favourite is my current age (22 years old, Born in 2001-02-20)

Why is my current age my favorite?

Why I pick my current age to be my favourite age is that I see life to be something of the moment and another reason will be that the future I was looking out for somehow turned out to be my present day as tomorrow is not promised. So yeah today is my favorite day and my current age is my favorite age as well. We all have been hearing the saying "Tomorrow is not promised" and so as much as we humans make plans towards the coming years, we still need to Cherish the present days that we are opportuned to see. Although if I'm to judge my perspective from the past mindset, I would have gladly explain that my decision towards this topic is based on what I have heard people say but after experiencing life for quite some time with a lot of traveling and personal life struggles with deep understanding of how life works in general in my little knowledge and for the little that I have seen in life, I can only say now that my response to this publication is coming from my heart as I deeply pick my current age to be my favourite since I am living in it now as I awaits the tomorrow that is not promised haha.

What happened that makes it so?

Well like it is said "Everyone should enjoy the moment while it lasts" since tomorrow is not promised, and so I have took it upon myself that everyday that i am opportuned to witness will be the best day of my life and I will make sure that I do whatever I feel like doing to get the best out of that day, ending it with however I feel like to end it with zero or no regrets at all (if I cry today, then that is because I give in to it and I will be alright after that because life is what it is). When I was a little bit younger I will always want to grow up and look beautiful but as I am now a grown up, I still want to grow more and in as much as life can be so hard and complicated, I still somehow tend to think that if I was still a child I wouldn't have had to think too much about life and responsibilities but then again growing up is what is being fixed in life and so no matter how we wish to go back to being a child, we will still always go back to the reality someday and so why not fix it now rather than wishing for the unrealistic bulshit? Oh Pardon my language dear, I am just so excited that I don't have to trouble myself looking for reasons to why I choose my current age to be my favorites as being alive is enough reason to celebrate my current age and making it my favorite.

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