Ounces going nautical/Reblog lottery BONANZA 40% profit share and 5 HBI units for a limited time!

The #silvergoldstackers are hosting a monster raffle with a bunch of precious metal prizes, the raffle is open to all! The donation stage is on till Wednesday 13th September midnight GMT, and shortly after the monster raffle tickets go on sale and you can enter for a chance to win some incredibly shiny prizes, you don't want to miss it!


I'm really loosing it, I got this strange feeling I already shared this coin with y'all or maybe I owned it through one of your posts #silvergoldstackers 🤣 I was trying to get the stats and nautical ounce triggered me into this place I am in now, I did a brief look through my old posts and did not find it so I am not sure what is going on, @kerrislravenhill it looks like the stackitis is getting out of hand I need medical aid stat.

So here is a coin that I may have bought twice and already shared with y'all 🤣
I am sure I got this coin from the silvergoldbull website based on the other pictures these are around, in the next precious metals post I share some yummy gold, that post is going to be a hoot🤣.

Anyway this coin from Rwanda had a bit of a premium nothing crazy and its pretty nice, so I was sure to add one or maybe 2 to my stack 🤣


coin specification below


Reblog lottery BONANZA

We got 25 participants for our reblog lottery this time around! It looks like the 20% increase is doing it's thing but we gonna see if we can bump it up a notch.

@alfjo1 @bitandi @blitzzzz @bullmoney7 @geneandashlee @geneeverett @guurry123 @gwajnberg @henruc @hjrrodriguez @isabeljimenez @jindara13 @kryptof @kungfukid @ladymisa @laurajimeneza @mirroredspork @nill2021 @olaf.gui @stekene @trumpman @twicejoy @vrezion @ydm6669 and @zonadigital21

and the winner this time around is....

easy gif1694142365881.gif

@zonadigital21 ! Congratulations enjoy your 30% profit share on this post and 3 HBI units , more about HBI here


The reblog lottery continues so be sure to reblog this post to qualify, for a 10% profit share on my next post and 3 HBI units.

I will be featuring the monster raffle banner in all of my post until its over and in an effort to increase the potential number of eyes on it, starting in tomorrow draw the profit share gets bumped to 30% from our standard 10% for the reblog lottery.

It's the #rebloglottery BONANZA
Clearly the @bitcoinman lost his marbles and you must have too if you ain't taking advantage of this wild promotion.

We taking things to the next level, the #rebloglottery up 10% in 24 hours wow much gains, you now can win a 40% profit share and 5 HBI untis ... but wait there is more, we are making things more next level!

I want to get the #rebloglottery huge to promote the monster raffle
Well hive huge 🤣 this bee for you all and hope you have great luck and land something nice in the monster raffle I know I do 🤣.

The next level shit

I really want as much of hive to see it so I want the #rebloglottery to be a trending tag # however things are not that simple because @blockchain 🤣
So I must put my main focus on trying to trend on the leothreads since the only other place I saw topics was on ecency and there is no visible metrics.

So here is how it's going down you can get extra entries into the #rebloglottery.

1 extra vote for sharing a leothread featuring the message below.

@bitcoinman is going wild giving away 40% profit share on his blog posts and 5 HBI units in his #rebloglottery promoting the #silvergoldstacker monster raffle with many precious metals prizes!

Please share your thread link in the comment of this post, also feel free to switch it up as long as you feature the #tags and the underlying message is the same I will count your extra entry.

you can only get an extra vote, the thread post on its own will not earn, you any entry you must reblog this post and if you want an extra entry you do this thread bit also.

This is all done automatically and I apply the winner to be a beneficiary for the post and the hive chain dispenses the post rewards 7 days later.

Only reblogs before Saturday 8pm Eastern Standard Time qualify for the lottery.

I am a financial advisor ! If you can't take personal responsibility for you investing, I hate to brake it to ya, but you ain't nothing but a sucka, you supposed to lose your shit.

@bitcoinman's bits of wisdom

  • Invest only what you can afford to lose and be mindful of the potential risks.
  • Unless you can accept delivery stay away from futures and stick to physical.
  • Leverage is a great tool for losing money fast.
  • Numismatics for the lows stick to smart stacking baby.
  • Be cautious of new schemes in crypto, like ICOs, DeFi, and NFTs, do your research before investing.

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30% of this post earnings go to @zonadigital21 for being our reblog lottery winner.

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Oh yeah I will also leave you a nice LEO vote on them threads 😘


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Yeah, someone did call for The Stackitis/stackitus Nurse.

My Clinical Study of Stackitis-Stackitus Article Health Report 8675309
Intervention Assessment:
Brand: B.H. Meyer Mint, Germany ✔
Configuration: Legal Tender 50 Franc Rwanda Coin ✔
Year: 2021 ✔
Purity: 0.999 ✔
Supporting Ag: Factory vacuum sealed acid free polymer flip ✔
Patient Assessment (SAT) score 1.8
Status: Pass

Conclusion: Treatment outcome Successful. Mr @bitcoinman

Comments: The 2021 Nautical series features the former German Clipper under Russian management as The Sedov since the end of WW II. I still wonder why a nearly landlocked country like Rwanda commemorates famous sailing ships. Perhaps its the same reason Samoa celebrates birds not native to their own islands.
And, I like shiny things.

And now for the Speed-reading part….
Thank you as I'll be monitoring and documenting the results carefully. I will add these experiences into our knowledge base knowing that it will greatly benefit others in similar circumstances.
If you, or anyone you know, are having problems dealing or coping with Stacking symptoms, side effects, or negative outcomes my clinic door will be open.

"Because the loss of a Stacker as a loss to all of us."

Kerris L Ravenhill
Hive Public Health Intake Studies Division: HCW II, N.P.N, D.T.Dip , Bu.S.H.I.T PMAS Stackitis Study Group
🚑 💉 For the Health of the Stacking Community 🚒 💊

Other Stackitis Nurse Articles:


That's a pretty coin!

And this reblog lottery sounds fun so let's go! Congratulations @zonadigital21 for the win and best of luck!

Shared on threads😉


Thank you very much for mentioning me, I hope you get this round, luck will be on your side, or at least I hope so !LOLZ


Best of luck you got 2 entries the winner is drawn tomorrow


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Wow, that is a pretty coin. That ship has amazing detailing.




@bitcoinman! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ kryptof. (7/10)

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