Is maturity really about the age ?



The country I live in is Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a South Asian country. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan are located in the southern part of Asia.

That's why these countries are called South Asian countries. These countries have so many things in common, like culture, foods, clothes, events, and other stuff too. Another common thing is that everyone's minority ends up at the age of 18 in South Asian countries.

People who are below the age of 18 are called minors in my country. And those who are over 18 or have just turned 18 are called adults. An average person's maturity hits soon after he turns 18 or right before he turns 18. That is why 17 is considered the last age for someone to be a minor, and when they turn 18, they're called adults. But there are some people who reach maturity at a very young age. So I would have changed the adult age if I had the power to do so. I would have made it 16. Because most of the people in my country are poor.

So they have to take on the burden of their family at a very young age. Many kids above the age of 12 are working because they do not have any other choice. They do this to help their family. So their maturity hits sooner than most other people because they have to feed their family and take care of them.

They start working hard at a very young age, which is why their brain works differently than any other normal kid. They can get to think like an ordinary child. They have to think like adults because they are working like adults and they get to know many people at their workplace. They get to know about the outside world and everything they never thought of before. Some women also reach maturity at a very young age in my country because they are forced to learn house chores, and they are forced to marry at an early age. So they reach maturity because of these forceful activities by their parents. Sometimes they also get traumatised because of this forceful behaviour or their parents. So it can go both ways if the adult age of a person is changed to 16.

That is why society is always talking about this. Different people have different opinions on this matter. But it would be best if we judged someone on their maturity and not on their age. But society does not care about minors opinions, which is not a good thing. Because minors can be way more mature than some grown men. Some grown men act like immature people, which is not an acceptable act in society. They should be more responsible for the things they do.

The kids should also get the chance to express their feelings and opinions. So some boundaries should be removed as maturity has nothing to do with someone's age a 15 year old kid can be way more mature than a 30 year old man.


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