ASEAN Hiver Of The Week 👨‍💻 @jack.russelle 🥸 Our Mystery Man In Thailand 🛕


Welcome to the ASEAN Hive Community's "ASEAN Hiver Of The Week" post, where I (@justinparke) highlight one of our community members.

🥸 Our Mystery Man In Thailand 🛕

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     This week's featured Hiver is a crucial and slightly mysterious member that selflessly supports our community from the shadows. The man lives a busy off-Hive life, but he finds time to post in our little community every week or so. In case you didn't know, he is a westerner (I believe American) living in Thailand, and my favorite reads are glimpses of life through the eyes of folks living abroad.

     In case you're wondering why I have referred to him as a mystery man in the title, it's only because I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him on Hive. Well, especially for Americans, crypto earnings are now being more and more targeted for taxation, so many Hivers from countries with heavy crypto regulation choose to remain anonymous on this blockchain, totally understandable.

photo from @jack.russelle's post titled Do Thais hate foreigners? I don't think that they do

     This gentleman is one of our most generous delegators, and we all know a little voting power sure changes the trajectory of a Hive community. Members with sizeable delegations are what allows us as a community to give every quality post published in ASEAN Hive a significant upvote and reblog that can help to garner more attention, and in some cases a rare whale vote.

photo from @jack.russelle's post titled Durian vendor facing jail time for using bogus scales

     On his blog you'll find posts about what it's like to live in Thailand, funny news stories from this country, and cultural insights through the eyes of a foreigner. I am in the USA right now visiting family, and shots from recent posts of his have me missing Cambodia as the scenes are often very similar. Okay, that's all for now folks, all hail @jack.russelle and stay tuned for a new Hiver to be featured next week.....

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