My Way to become a Splinterlegend #707 /3 DRAWS


These were my goals for Splinterlands so far:

  • Own all common and rare cards of the CHAOS LEGION series at bronze level
  • Own all current starter cards of the UNTAMED and CHAOS LEGION series
  • Increase ADELADE BRIGHTWING to level 2
  • Increase the GOBLIN PSYCHIC card to level 4
  • Own all EPIC cards from the CHAOS LEGION SERIES
  • Own the Card MOXIAN REBEL

Due to the unfortunately current situation, I had to put my goals on hold for the time being.

I simply don't earn enough DEC anymore to continue as before.

But postponed is not canceled!

Collect all Rare Summoners from the CHAOS LEGION series at level 3.
Own all summoners from the RIFTWATCHERS series

So I directly looked for another goal:

  • Own all rare cards of the REBELLION series
  • image.png


    In addition, here comes the development of my current SPS:



    It's time for me to make some changes again.
    Unfortunately, I can't earn enough DEC passively to pursue my goals effectively.
    I have therefore thought about regularly converting part of my liquid SPS into DEC.
    I'm currently thinking about 50%, let's see how well that works out.

    As always, I'm open to tips and ideas!


    Today I had 1693 GLINT available in my Splinterlands account.


    This allowed me to carry out 3 RARE DRAWS.


    I am very happy with the result. At least two summoners.

    I have also currently collected 598 DEC.
    I still have a long way to go to reach my goal, especially if I can't make any progress like today.
    But my rental cards are now back with me...
    What a pity


    If you have any questions or suggestions, I am happy about every comment.
    Thanks for the support at this point to @youloseagain, @mozimo and the PHOENIX ARCADE @phoenix-bank!

    If you want to support me on my way, just like this post.
    Of course I also appreciate support of cards, DEC or SPS.
    Everything is welcome at @arc-echo.

    Here's my referral link, in case you feel like making your way through Splinterlands just like I did.

    Splinterlegend - arc-echo