Splinterlands Art Contest Week 287 : Flaming Lioceros


Hello Splinterlands Fans! Today, I’ll be sharing my entry for this week’s Splinterlands fan art challenge, along with the steps on how I created it.

So for this week, I chose to draw Lioceros.


Lioceros is an Earth Element Monster with the thorns ability. It is a Rebellion Pack Edition Card. It is a combination of Rhinoceros and Lion in one body.

Steps in drawing:

The first thing I did was to sketch out the rough form of Lioceros.

After that, I slowly added details like lion’s hair and spikes resembling a rhino to make it look more like Lioceros.

For coloring, I started with solid colors to determine the shading tones and make the colors pop.

After indicating the colors on each part of Lioceros, I began adding highlights and shading to the drawing. I used solid colors for coloring but added darker shades for shadows and lighter shades for highlights.

I tried to make Lioceros’ hair look more like a lion’s.

I wasn’t sure if his face had armor in the Splinterlands lore, so I decided to add some since it looked good.

For the background, I kept it simple by adding a gradient effect behind the character and then added shadows at the bottom of Lioceros.

I also adjusted the color of the armor.

Finished Drawing
This is my finished drawing and entry for this week. I hope you liked my Fan Art.

If you also want to showcase your art of any Splinterlands character be sure to share it in Splinterlands Art Contest.

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Thanks again for dropping by!


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