The 100-Day Project, Day 55 — Different KINDS of Design!


Welcome to Day 55 of the 100-Day Project!

Must admit that I feel a little tired today, but it mostly has to do with having houseguests... even if it was our own 35-year old son.

Our rebranded header image for social media... much more "now" than the old one! (Courtesy @cosmictriage)

Today ended up being a somewhat light day in the creative department... and most of the creative credit goes to my wife who was the driving force behind getting some new "serious" photos done, so she can get started on updating/creating some new art for our printed materials.

Yes, Alchemy Stones are somewhat of a "Brand" and because we do shows on a regular basis, we have not only business cards, but also banners, postcards, flyers and other printed materials we hand out to people who visit our vendor booth.

One of the recent spiral stones

There's a lot more to being a "production artist" than just creating stuff and buying art supplies!

Anyway, some updating work happened today, and an order for postcards went in to Vistaprint, and they should make it here about a week ahead of the even in Ocean Shores.

Day 55 Stone Painting:

Yes, today was a somewhat modest day, in the stone painting department.

It felt almost strange to not be painting a daily "Retreat Stone," but I'm honestly glad that has come to an end!

Today's painting ended up being another three of the smaller sized stones we will pre-package and offer in our "$12 each" basket. They are pictured below.

Today's painting endeavours...

Day 55 Summary and Social Media Bits:

Another light day today: finished three more of the small pre-bag stones, otherwise the day was mostly about graphic design for social media and printed materials.

Daily Twitter/X post: Check. Mostly consisted of adding the new banner to my profile page.
Daily Facebook Page post: Check. New banner added.
Daily Instagram post: Check. Sharing one of the new spiral stones.

Other Stuff: As usual, this Hive post; getting work done on our graphics and printed material was a big deal; Daily shoutout to @gillianpearce!

Day 55 completed; a bit of a mixed bag today. Not so much a creative day, but a fair bit of practical stuff got taken care of, and that's a good thing!

I appreciate you coming to visit and please do leave a comment if you feel so inclined!

Thank You!


If you enjoy painted rocks, do check out The Hive Rocks Project and help spread the word about Hive, while also being creative!

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Thank you, in advance, for your consideration and support!

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