The 100-Day Project, Day 42 — A New Month Begins; BIG News on the Show Schedule!

Moving right along, as we get to Day 42 of the 100-Day Project!

Today we uncorked not only a new month, but also a new quarter, and I'm excited for this one because the 2nd quarter typically marks the beginning of "Events Season" and that will be especially true this year, as we had no Valentine's Day/Winter shows this year.

A very large stone, created for the 20th Anniversary of The White Light Express, a charitable organization

The "BIG" news, just arrived today, is that the annual UFO/Paranormal Summit has finally been rebooted after Covid. This was always our best event by far, and it was one of the few events we attended where I would be vending Alchemy Stones while my wife was usually a presenter/keynote speaker.

We last went in 2019; then Covid "canceled" 2020, 2021 and 2022... not sure what happened in 2023, but now 2024 is a GO!

This is an event that takes place in Ocean Shores, Washington and typically draws thousands from both Seattle and Portland, Oregon... and this particular demographic has always been very receptive to Alchemy Stones.

Event poster

I suppose our popularity at this kind of event is a strong indication that we are wise to look beyond what I call an "arts and crafts audience" to market Alchemy Stones.

I have long been a big believer in the importance of synchronicity... in this case, I have been dedicating myself to painting all these new stones for the 100-Day Project, and now the "purpose" has suddenly been "delivered," pretty much out of the blue!

Without the 100-Day Project to keep me on track, the news of the UFO event would have sent me off on a mad scramble to get new work done in time.

But it's already being done!

"Today's painted stone for the "Retreat Stones" project

Day 42 Stone Painting:

First order of the day is once again to complete one more stone for the Women's Retreat at the end of May!

Really glad I am over halfway done, given the event announcement, above.

Today's stone is pictured, above.

And then, time to move forward with something else.

Going for the warm color set today

Once again, I didn't really have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with this stone. However, the red, orange, yellow color set was falling to me. So let's see what happens!

Dotting in for a spiral-like design

So I'm trying to remember what is most popular among the designs for the UFO paranormal audience, and I do remember that anything with a spiral and it seems to really get people's attention so I guess I will be making a few more of those.

The red seems a bit dark, but I'm hopeful it will "pop" more after the stone gets its finish coat.

Haven't really worked with these colors previously to do a spiral Stone but this one seems to have turned out pretty nicely. I thought I was done, but then I added the final white ring around the outside. I think it finishes it off nicely.

And there we have it! Another nice day of doing two more stones.

Day 42 Summary and Social Media Bits:

Finished another TWO new stones today: As usual, a Retreat Stone, and then a relatively intricate spiral stone in very bright colors!

Daily Twitter/X post: Check. Picture post with a heart stone.
Daily Facebook Page post: Check. Announcement post about vending at the UFO/Paranormal Summit.
Daily Instagram post: Check. New post with a very large stone from previous work!

Other Stuff: As usual, this Hive post; another decent day, mostly just excited to have a new event on our schedule; Daily shoutout to @gillianpearce!

Day 42 completed; not unhappy with today's creative efforts, but definitely feeling a little bit distracted by the news of our biggest event being back in the schedule after a 4-year hiatus due to Covid.

I've been talking about not having that many blank rocks on hand, but the cool thing about the location of the event in Ocean Shores is that we could easily take our return Drive past our favorite Beach out in the Pacific coast and pick up a new stock of rocks, if we had the energy at the end of the show.

Time will tell how that turns out!

I appreciate you coming to visit and please do leave a comment if you feel so inclined!

Thank You!


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Wonderful to hear the "purpose" of painting the extra stones has suddenly been "delivered,"

I still have no idea why I'm doing this. Today I would say it seems more pointless than purposeful.

Great that your best selling show is back. That should take some pressure off, hopefully.


I hope the "purpose" makes itself known to you! Sometimes this stuff just seems like a mystery... and sometimes it's just a reason to use up a bunch of old supplies so we can get something new that will excite our creativity!

Who knows?

We were definitely stoked that this particular event rides again; it's one of the few truly large scale productions and large budget events we're part of... and Johnny (the head organizer) is almost a "superfan" of my work.

And ending up with +/- US$ 3,000 for a weekend doesn't hurt, either!


Yeah. You're right. I don't really feel much "purpose" but the impetuce to clear stuff out is strong. I've been trying to simplifiy, with a vengeance, in all areas of my life, for a few years now but especially the last two. It's not working too well. Last year we took 2 steps forward and 3 steps back but I'm hoping we've turned the corner on that.

Using supplies is an interesting one. Things often get transformed from one form to another so, unless it's a present, it still remains in the house and feels a lot like clutter.

It's not helped by the fact that some of the vintage maps, linens, books, property deeds etc are so beuatiful I struggle to use them at all.

I have many ideas of how I could tackle this but haven't come up with anything yet that feels doable.