The Old Lodge ~ Freewrite Dailyprompt


It's my entry for dailyprompt "The Old Lodge" from the daily.prompt, daily freewrite writing prompt from the freewritehouse
With the majestic trees surrounding the old lodge, there is a ordinary sort of nostalgia combined with thriller that surrounds it. Its weathered wooden facade tells memories of the forgotten ages, ringing with the laughter of generations past. Moss dresses the roof much like an artist who weaves a beautiful tapestry of green natural material that blends very well with the encompassing forest. Time has eased its edges growing a melancholic hue, which enchants the heart. interior, the heady scent of aged wood and the crackle of the fireplace are combined together, inviting the weary tourists to are searching for solace inside the embody of the fireplace. The old inn is located right here within the heart of a tranquil nature, and it silently reverberates as a guardian, a sanctuary for roamers and dreamers.