@Mariannewest's Dailyprompt Freewrite Writing Prompt 2369: lollypop trainer!

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Prominently seated in the manufacturing facility was the Lollypop trainer, a seasoned confectioner who sparkled, and whose already small quantity huge of magic woven into each and every recipe.

at some point of the day, the factory refrain played the music of boiling sweet solutions blending and the clinking of the molds getting filled with rainbow-coloured liquid. The topics of each apprentice have been the sugar and syrup that the Lollypop trainer skillfully guided to orchestrate delicious and flamboyant treats.

And therefore, with their worth in a million butterflies and hands covered in chocolate candies, the Lollypop trainer and their fans stepped up their recreation, exploring new tastes and sprucing their abilities. as opposed to the fundamental cherry or lemon flavors we've now, there was once an collection of loopy a laugh flavors like conventional strawberry swirl and distinct mango tangs, and every popped sweet turned into a work of artwork. each single one of those shades and shades, each of them supplying the characteristic of perseverance and creativity of the crew participants.

On top of the whole thing, The Lollypop teacher was smiling at the group as they tasted every lollypop, for that reason bringing a grin on each face inside the audience. every lollypop become more than just a treat; it was little bit happiness of its personal, made with love and shared with pleasure.