11 June 2024: mariannewest's! freewrite writing prompt day 23800: the steam!


Dailyprompt by the @daily.prompt, freewrite daily prompt from the @freewritehouse


In the woods, trees grew tall and there was a glistening stream which sparkled and glimmered as it slipped and slurped over pebbles. The river born was bordered by willow trees; branches speaking gently to the wind. The stream was home to countless creatures: swimming lamella branch's, curious water weasels, and colourful donates. Daily a young girl said Ella used to come visit in the morning, and the sound of laughter can also be heard from the sound of the water in the brook. The same is true of the scene when Ella flew into a temperature and slipped into a stream, but being mossy the rock was gentle on her and helped her back to the edge. For this reason Ella started to believe that the stream she was swimming in had a soul, or a guardian spirit watching all the people using its waters.