Winners of the Advertising Contest from last Week

Hello hivers, advertisers, influencers, contesters and all the rest,

I have started a test balloon. I have created a contest and asked some people to do some advertising.

Decentral Advertising

I want to establish a system, where sponsors give me a text and some money to motivate lots of Hive users to spread this text.
In return I create the contests, distribute the money and create the reports.


So here is our first

Advertising Contest Report from last week

The timeframe is from 2023/11/03 to 2023/11/10.

DateAmount HiveWinnerFirst Ten WordsUrlImage
2023-11-05T21:371@shitpostingpro"What can you do for money?\n\nfollow @achimmertens"/hive-167922/@shitpostingpro/my-shittiest-shitpost-so-farnull
2023-11-05T19:541@advertisingbot"Hello everyone,\n\nI have read the following challenge:\n\nSo I want to ..."/hive-167922/@advertisingbot/i-want-to-earn-one-hivenull
2023-11-02T10:050@advertisingbot"Hi, this is a test, to see, if my advertising ..."/hive-167922/@advertisingbot/advertising-in-a-threadnull

The money has already been sent:

Screenshot of the @advertingsbot2 wallet from today

The user "@advertisingbot" has created two posts, but everyone only gets one Hive each. I should make this more clear in the next contest.

Interpretation of the result

In principle it works, but the resonance is low at the moment.

The reasons for this are:

  • One Hive may be not enough to motivate people to do the "work" or the negative impact of their reputation
  • The number of people, that have found the contest is low.

What's next?

The next contest is in progress.
I will raise the reward and put in another text. As soon as this process get's more stable I want to give you also the opportunity to sponsor your own advertising text.

So stay tuned and follow me or @achimmertens

Greetings, Advertisingbot2 (alias Achim)