Winners of Marketing Campaing #231110_01

Hello hivers, advertisers, influencers, contesters and all the rest,

this is the

Advertising Contest Report from 23/11/10 to 23/11/17.

Hive Advertising4.jpg

Here are the winners of the last week:

DateAmount HiveWinnerAPG Reputation*Number of FollowersFirst Ten WordsUrlImage
2023-11-16T00:102@yohan2on69367.20741"The tennis finals event was held over the previous weekend ..."/hive-101690/@yohan2on/btc-the-tennis-finalsIMG-20231111-WA0071.jpg
2023-11-14T13:182@fjworld4243.5777"<a href=""><img src="">\n\nToday I joined the Hive Marketing community to ..."/hive-154303/@fjworld/peptevent-offers-micro-earning-opportunities-and-morenull
2023-11-11T14:072@advertisingbot39.242"Hi everyone,\n\nDid you know that we have a community, where ..."/hive-167922/@advertisingbot/earn-money-with-microtasksnull
  • AGPReputation = Authors Post Giga Reputation = Reputation of the author that is shown in the authors post, divided by 10^9.

The money has already been sent:


Screenshot of the @advertingsbot2 wallet from today

Status of this "decentral advertising" project

I have had some success this week. My automation process is moving forward.
I have added two columns to the table above: The reputation and the number of followers of the author. This is for getting a better overview, of who is doing advertising.
The reputation is not easy to take, as I don't know the secret behind the calculation. So I took the reputation, that is shown in each post and divided it by one billion. So I call this APG Reputation.

I am also happy to have met @fjworld, who is on a similar decentral marketing way as me. Maybe we have some synergy, I will check his page and project in the next few days in more detail.

The next campaign will start very soon, so stay tuned!

Greetings, Advertisingbot2 (alias Achim)


That's really cool! My German Shepherd would love to help out with this!

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