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Hello everyone who wants to earn some small money,

Here I announce the next advertising contest for week 46 from sponsor @achimmertens, timeframe 2023/11/17 until 2023/11/23.

Hive Advertising5.jpg

The Task And Rules

Do the following:

  • Write an arbitrary post (not comment). It can contain everything, that you usually write.
  • Add somewhere in your post exactly the following text:
    "Follow @fjworld and visit"
  • Be aware of case sensitivity. The text has to be exactly like this; otherwise, your post will not be found
  • You will be rewarded only once, even if you write more posts

Optional Additional Content

Maybe it is a good idea to round your post up with some content of the advertising product. It shows your interest and maybe the sponsor "has a special eye on you" :-). Here is an example, that you should write in your own words:

The website ePayTraffic is a platform that aims to provide a broader exposure for ad campaigns, going beyond the typical manual traffic exchange sites. It offers member performance ads and free views for performance ad campaigns, without using advertising credits from members, and advertises globally at no extra cost. The platform is focused on transparency, trust, and knowledge to guide online income earners, and encourages users to join as active members to work together effectively

The Reward

The first 10 Hive users, that do this, will get two Hive.

Does it work?

Yes. We did it before. Here is the proof:

What's about it?

Achim Mertens wants to establish a decentral advertising process, where

  • sponsor give their text and a budget
  • an automated process creates
    • the campaigns
    • the reports
    • distributes the money

At the moment, this process is in a testing stage and half manual, half automated.

Hive Advertising4.jpg

If you have questions, please ask me or @achimmertens!
If you have further ideas, please tell me or @achimmertens!

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This is a deadly marketing campaign! Oh wow!

Really liking it and the wager! Oh yeah man!

Congratulations! That's killer! Super excited. And good luck to all those people participating in this! Super wicked deadly and awesome!

Dog and me approved!

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