Advertising Contest for the community Hive Marketing

Hello everyone who wants to earn some small money,

here I announce the next advertising contest for week 45 from @achimmertens.

Hive Advertising5.jpg

The Task

Here you have the ability to earn some Hive. You just need to do the following:

  • Write an arbitrary post (not comment). It can contain everything, that you usually write.
  • Add somewhere in your post exactly the following five words:
    "subscribe the community Hive Marketing"

(beware of case sensitivity. It has to be exactly like this; otherwise, your post will not be found)

Maybe it is a good idea to round your blogpost up with the idea, that in this community you can find some small tasks, where you can earn some money. Maybe you promote this advertising task and it's creator @achimmertens.

You will be rewarded only once, even if you write more posts.

That's it.

The Reward

The first 10 Hive users, that do this, will get two Hive.

Does it work?

Yes. We did it before. Here is the proof:

The Sponsor

The 20 Hive will be sponsored by Achim Mertens

The Timeframe

This contest is valid from now (2023/11/10) until 2023/11/16 evening.
After that, I will search the Hive blockchain for your posts, and create a report from it, which I will post here and send the money to the recipients.
This can take up to one week.

What's next

Achim Mertens wants to make this advertising service more smooth and give you the chance to participate. At the moment it is more or less a testing phase, but the service itself works. It is just not automated now.

Hive Advertising4.jpg

If you have questions, please ask me or @achimmertens!
If you have further ideas, please tell me or @achimmertens!

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