How to Setup a Business in Dubai?

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Dubai is one of the finest lands for business.UAE government welcomes all kinds of investors to this dreamland and their economical policies are friendly with the foreign investors. If you are looking for starting a business in Dubai you should aware of many things. First, You need to have an idea of ​​the business you are going to do. After setting up a decision on that learn about the jurisdiction. The UAE market is divided into three economic zones, Mainland, Free zone and Offshore. Each jurisdiction has its own laws and policies on the businesses. Select an appropriate jurisdiction based on your Business. When beginning a business in the UAE, deciding on a legal structure for your firm is crucial. It establishes the tone and structure for dealing with gains and losses, as well as how your resources and assets are organised. Decide the company structure in the early stage of planning. A trade name must be approved by the UAE Department of Economic Development (DED) before the process of establishing your business in the UAE can start. Company name and business activities are approved in this stage. You can apply for the trade license in Dubai after approval. There are four types of trade licenses in the UAE. They are commercial license, Professional License, Industrial License and tourism License. The licensing structures are different in different Zones.


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