2022 Charity Calendars


I love landscape photography - not just the images, but just the getting out into nature and finding ways to present the beauty you see. It's also a great way to reset mentally, and the exercise is a health benefit too!

01Winter Gate - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

In my position though, the health side weighs heavy at times. I have a rare auto-immune liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis. It's incurable - it can even come back after a liver transplant - and leaves sufferers at a higher risk of some aggressive cancers.

02 - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It can be a lot, some days... but thankfully, we have an awesome charity in our corner - PSC Support (http://pscsupport.org.uk) - who not only provide wonderful support and information but are also championing vital research.

03Windgather Gold - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

Thankfully, at present, my condition is well managed and there's very little impact on my day-to-day life. I'm able to get up out to watch the sunrise, and hike a reasonable distance with a heavy bag of lenses!

04Whinstone Lee Tor - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

So, for the past few years, I've produced a calendar with 100% of the profits going straight to the charity.

05Clough on Kinder - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It's my way of giving something back to PSC Support for all the amazing work that they do.

06BUrbage  - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

All the images in this post are in this year's calendar, and it's available for pre-order from http://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/calendar

07Path to Mam Tor - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

There's two formats available - A3 (for £13.99) and A4 (for £7.99). Both contain the same images - smaller size is more compact, but the larger one is designed to show off the images better.

08Ramshaw - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I also have a few offers if you'd like to buy more than one - they're ideal for gifts or secret-santa at work... the details are on my website (http://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/calendar)

09Peters Stone Milky Way - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I realise that not everyone here is from the UK, so shipping may be expensive, but equally, I'm hoping to raise as much as possible so I thought I'd try to get the word out.

10Beams and Boughs - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

Also, and this is short notice - sorry... until the end of September, each calendar ordered earns an entry into a prize draw for a free A3 print. (UK orders only)

11Pirouette - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

It's not just limited to the images in the calendars though - the winner can pick any print from my website at https://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk/prints

12Beech in Winter Light - © Kieran Metcalfe Bdr.jpg

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this collection of images, and if you would like see more, or order a calendar - or two? ;) - the website address again is https://kieranmetcalfephotography.co.uk


Wow Kieran, if perfect mental health is half of the battle to living a good life and curing illnesses, like medicinal food as natural medicine is, then if you can keep hiking out in that fresh FRESH air and taking mindblowing photos like these, then one day, I think you'll win that war, atleast I hope you do!

Have you also thought about minting these for NFTS on #NFTshowroom on Hive here https://peakd.com/art/@nftshowroom/nft-showroom-artist-guide-faq-and-whitelisting

Also I see a few other Hiveans use Opensea https://opensea.io/ and then there's also Rarible https://rarible.com/ too.

I'm sure there's a few more now, but as much as I want to get into them the very average lens on my iphone is just not good enough.

And then don't forget, that there's also POD- print on demand companies like Redbubble here in Melbourne which facilitate the manufacture of about 78 different products and many of them are even made in the uk and they ship all over the world..here's my shop there...https://www.redbubble.com/people/CHOCOLATESCORPI/shop
and on Fine Art America too https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/leesa-carriage so you can see the huge range, And you may have even heard of them anyway, but I just thought I'd let you know that there are so many other options to raise money for your charity....

I would love to buy a calendar off you, but I've now been unemployed for 3 months due to an ongoing Covid lockdown here in Victoria and can't even afford to pay rent. Lucky my medical bills for my heart condition are covered by medicare, otherwise I really would be way worse off....

But you are on my radar and when I can I will.

in the mean time, if you haven't already, checkout those links I gave you cause you might have a bit more success there than here....Plus many fingers in many pies...(makes sticky but finger lickin good fingers...🤣..)

And good luck to you. Atleast you can get some fresh air at the moment, we're only allowed out for an hour a day for exercise and fresh air, not that it's too fresh here in the Melbourne CBD...

Also have you ever heard of tumeriX https://buyturmerix.com/. Might be worth a look into it if you haven't as I saw how well if did for mum's little lung tumours when she was battling stage 4 bowel cancer a few years ago. I mean yes, unfortunately she did die- that was inevitable by then, but I know that this worked for her better than the damn chemo did...Just a thought. I also take it every day for my heart and general health and if I didn't I'd probably be more than half dead now too...