5 Ways to Spend Less on Premium Subscriptions


Everybody loves premium subscriptions. You get to watch exclusive content from your favorite creators or you get access to new launches not available to the public, but those subscriptions don’t come cheap, and they can add up quick if you’re not careful. Here are five ways to spend less on premium subscriptions and still enjoy your favorite channels, shows, and streaming services as much as you like!

Find Split Subscription Providers

It makes no sense to pay thousands of dollars for streaming services and premium subscriptions that are limited. With some digging, you can find netflix shared accounts providers that split monthly or yearly fees into smaller installments, allowing you to spread costs across time periods. For example, instead of paying $120 per year for your Spotify subscription, you might only be able to get it for $60 over 12 months.

Request For A Free Trial

Most split subscription communities will give you free trials . If it’s a bit pricey, ask if there are any discounts available for students or young professionals. Also, if you’re thinking about subscribing to more than one service, see if they offer some kind of bundling discount. You can also use the infamous Student & Young Professional Discount Guide to negotiate with businesses.

Use a Discount Code

Discounts can help you save money. If you’re buying a premium subscription, search for coupon codes before checking out or buying. Then use these codes at checkout to get special deals. You might also be able to get promo codes by emailing customer service or signing up for rewards programs—these usually come with stipulations, so read terms and conditions carefully!

Choose Stable Over Cheap

Some split subscription providers may offer you dirt cheap subscriptions but their accounts often sign out or run into other issues. Stability and reliability should be a higher priority than cost. (Keep in mind that sometimes services without large ad campaigns can cost more due to their popularity.)

Do Some Research

Every information on split subscription providers is available for free online. The most difficult part of taking advantage of these services is cutting through all of their marketing hype and figuring out exactly what you’re paying for. Try running a search online for premium subscriptions or how to save money on your premium subscriptions, and see if any articles pop up. If they do, spend some time reading them; you might find that there are cheaper alternatives that fit your needs just as well.


You will need to do some research on your own to find the perfect split subscription provider. This is a great option for those who want a fully working premium subscription without paying a premium price. While other platforms exist, LSC Split Community comes out as one of the top options in terms of value and quality of service. I have been very happy with my experience so far, and suggest you give them a look if you want to save money on your monthly bills.


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