Black Market Friday is coming

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As a long-time follower of The Corbett Report the means of exchange have been close to the heart. From local Timebanks to Bitcoin, I have been involved since the starting days.

The question what is money and how it is created is crucial, possibly the least understood information in the societies today. A system based on infinite debt has come to an end, the new normal includes a strict social credit system, so alternatives are necessary.

Hive has proven to be one of the most versatile blockchain economies so far, with various token options including the Hive Engine and a marketplace called Hivelist.

Instead of buying mass-produced discount stuff, the idea to use tokens to purchase an item without FIAT, sounds reasonable. It is not limited to physical stuff, supporting the Hive community artists is a neat way to make it more interesting.

There are a few options, like NFT Showroom for digital art, Inkito for comics and novels, and NFTMart for Non-Fungible Tokens.

One possibility to get more people join the community is to create invites for friends and relatives, many people don´t like the phone number verification on Onboard site, sometimes it does not even work.

These are just a few examples on the Hive platform, other tokens are accepted on listings, like AgoristMarket and Bitcoin can be spend on many places, like seen on Coinmap.

So the spending spree can be done safely from home, no need to go and fight for cheap Chinese gadgets in a rush. The information age has solutions to many problems, as we are going towards a 0-mariginal cost society!