Feeling my Way Around the Gig Economy

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Hey Steemit! Seems like it has been ages. Hope everyone is doing awesome!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I've been working for DoorDash, well I just added GrubHub to the mix.

Apparently if you schedule a block and it's slow they'll make up the difference with a salary of 12 bucks an hour.

Well I think I'm about to find that out- have been sitting at beautiful Stewart park for forty-five minutes without a single offer...if they do throw me 12 bucks for enjoying this gorgeous day in this pretty place then give stars for them...

...hmm, maybe this is the way to do it, pick the slow hours and steem at the park haha!

Wonder what those sailboats are up to, I've never seen them lined up like that.

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Them boats are heading home all at once to order takeout from grub hub ;0)

Haha! As long as they don't order from Chipotle, that place is constantly slammed and super disorganized...a doordash support group might spring from the trauma of waiting there 😆

That’s nice of them though what happens when everyone tries to book the slow blocks? 🤣

Maybe the boats are practising how to sail in a fleet? Or are they parked like that?

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They have very limited blocks, it's first come first serve- I'm in top of it 😆

Either theory works!

oh the sailboats all lined up for a race huhh


Great post

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Thanks :)

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