My experiments from last months and starting new ones.

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So first of I've been reading a lot about passive income tokens and delegating to certain accounts.

  • First I'm going to go over the tokens that I got for a bit of passive income hive, mind you I'm not investing any of my own cash into it so I usually just buy what I can with my current hive without taking away from my minimum of 10Hive powerup each month.

I bought were 24 DHEDGE and 1 UTOPIS. The DHEDGE tokens gives me a daily 0.001 hive and the UTOPIS gives me weekly hive ranging from 0.061 to 0.034 hive.
DHEDGE costs about 0,18995000 hive and UTOPIS is 3,5 hive. The big difference between UTOPIS and DHEDGE is that DHEDGE also drops some other tokens on your lap.

This month I also started delegating to @qurator (15HP), @thisisawesome (6HP), @curangel (5HP) and @dlux-io (5HP)
Quote If I read about being able to delegate to these accounts earlier I would have done that seeing as I lack in the curating aspect I think this is a good way of putting my HP to work.

I'm going to keep looking as to how to grow my account from the content creation side and the delegating aspect of it all.

Do you guys have any recommendations? Or maybe that I'm doing something wrong. Always open for more info. I'm also going to keep reading op on all of this.

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Which users would you say give the best passive income APR% by delegating HP?

I think it’s qurator at this point but will have to wait and see

If the price of DLUX holds his delegation is earning 120% APR from the @dlux-io delegation. However, the returns come out of an inflationary pool so the more delegation received the lower the return per vest. Right now we have about 40K delegated to our account. So at 80K its 60%, 160K 30%, 320K 15%, and 640K for the reasonable 7.5%. Assuming the price of DLUX holds at .4 DLUX / HIVE... but what if it goes up?

Yay! 🤗
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