Stuck on Inktober


For the #inktober "stuck" prompt I thought I would try to capture a horrific experience of a chocolate lab named Coco who found that she could squeeze here head through a railing but couldn't get it back out.

This was my first ever attempt at drawing a dog. I was trying to draw her from memory. The problem is that chocolate labs are best drawn on a dark background with highlights. I should have used a white lab for the model They have dark black noses and can be drawn with clean outlines.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time today and realized that if I didn't post this, I wouldn't post anything for the day.

I wasted the morning reworking the zen tangle drawing that I did for the "sour" prompt. The picture below is a slightly better zen tangle.


Yes one of the tangles in the lower left is facing the wrong way. I added a proof of art image. I drew a very light outline of the lemon and added the first two tangles below.