Taking The Week To Reflect... A Must Do For Any Entrepreneur

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Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good week! Mine is starting off pretty decent for the most part, well except for the crypto dips, but hey, we are finding structure and support in the markets, so I am taking some time for things to settle, although while keeping a lazy eye on the markets of course, because what crypto addict can't not look at the charts from time to time, lol.

The last couple of months have been pretty crazy to say the least with getting @hivehustlers built, https://hivelist.store mostly complete and opened for vendors, and not to mention the other investments and businesses that I am involved in.

With everything, I am finding it hard to really take the next steps in what I am wanting to accomplish. My brain is going in all kinds of different directions, and I am just trying to settle it down and focus a bit.

I have some cool ideas for some new designs that I want to get on the store, I need to put ebooks and such up on the store, really want to make some NFT's for some songs that I have ready to go, want to get the hivehustlers.com services market built, looking at building a new site or two that are more real estate focused, oh and not to mention, a client site to finish up, lol. All of this ON TOP of my delivery service that makes my dollars to pay bills and such.

I am also trying to save up to take nearly a month off of work so that I can take my kids and drive across country to eventually end up seeing family and friends in Alabama, where I am from originally, and then back to Oregon via the southern route. CubFinance is really helping build the travel fund, so that will be cool to document. The dude is going on tour! LOL! We will be documenting the trip paid for by crypto! I leveraged about 5K from my funds in Nexo.io and moved it in the form of BNB to Cubdefi.com, made some swaps to BUSD and USDT and added to the liquidity pool there. That really upped my CUB output and also preserved the original capital. I took some remaining BNB and staked it in my Trust wallet to earn the 27% staking rewards that is offering. Going to take all rewards and use it for the trip or to cover bills for that time, then pay back the original capital to the fund.


So, I am going to slow it down for a few days, you may not see me around quite as much. I will be looking to do a @hivelist LIST Staking Club update for April at some point, but I am not in a super rush to get it done at this point. My help is busy this week so it's all on me.

One project that I will be working on will be finishing up a site for @recording-box. That is in the priority list and will take up my online time for the most part for the next week.

So where am I going to get my time to reflect? Well, I really enjoy my delivery business because it allows me some good windshield time to just zone and think. I get allot of my thinking and planning done on the road. Sometime a bit too much is done on the road, and I am going to break some habits of doing too much communication while driving, so I may be delayed in some responses this week, lol.

Also another place I get my time is walking the dog at the parks. In my city, there are nice nature parks everywhere. You can choose to walk the main paths, or many of the parks have little nature trails that walk down by the rivers that run through town, or you can choose to go up mountain side if you are feeling so inclined... get it... lol... yeah, the dabs are kicking in for the morning.

But the point I am trying to make is that you need to take time for yourself and get away from the grind to clear your head. That is where I am at right now. I have been having to avoid the news and mainstream social media because I just can't handle the drama at the moment. I am planning big things, and trying to make the steps needed to get there, and don't need the negativity of the world distracting me from my goals.

So this week, I am letting the rivers flow and riding the waves! Going to get my client's site finished up, and maybe get some cool ideas for some new products for the store! But if I don't, I don't and I am not going to beat myself up for not being as productive as I want to be. I am going to sit back and meditate more. I need to get back into a routine of that, but for now, if I can squeeze in a 5 minute meditation per day, I will be happy. Hell, that really doesn't even have to be a traditional style of meditation, it can be as simple as going out into some nature and taking a walk, not taking your phone, and just breathing it all in. It's what I like to call active meditation.

Anyway, see, my brain won't stop while I am writing this, so I am going to save you some time of my ramblings and cut it off now, get the doge, and take a walk on this fine sunny day and get some steps in! Of course after taking a big ole dab of this Mob Boss live resin...

Hope everyone has a great week!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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Nice one. Enjoy the little break. I did the same recently and I like to think it helped.

have been having to avoid the news and mainstream social media because I just can't handle the drama at the moment. I am planning big things, and trying to make the steps needed to get there, and don't need the negativity of the world distracting me from my goals.

I did the same. If everybody would do so, the world would be a beautiful place ;<)

Take care!

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Enjoy your meditation and live resin, hit the reset button and back to the grind.

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yeah, didn't last too long, lol... back to it today for sure! Getting allot of site work done, put up the Weed Market Wednesday video, and looking to do another BTC TA video too because I just put in a long on Bybit, lol.