Made it to the Top 10 Hive Engine Witnesses

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So somewhere between my last post and now I have hit the top 10 Hive Engine witnesses which makes me a consensus witness and block producer! I am super humbled and thankful for everyone’s support!

To vote for Hive Engine witnesses, which everyone gets the same 30 votes like with Hive, but instead of voting with Hive Power, the governance token for Hive Engine is WORKERBEE. So if you are a user of any of the Hive Engine token communities, you should look into staking some WORKERBEE and voting your witnesses! You will do your voting at

Let’s see how long I hold up there, lol! May only be a short time, but hey, I am there now!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!


COngratulations man on this success. Keep pushing. Indeed, the Hivelist project is going stronger with this.

And now the HiveHustlers too...

Hell yea right on!