Purchased and Powered up LIST, Now Holding over 1k in stake

in #hivelist5 months ago


I read one of @Hivelist's submission last week and I got interested in the project which comes with many prospects. The Hivelist community accomodates LIST, HUSTLER, HUSTLERM and the newly created COM tokens.

It was cool to know that I could earn the new COM token by staking LIST while also earning from votes.

Today, I purchased over 800 LIST tokens to add to my previous earned balances to make up 1,000 tokens. All tokens were powered up and I should start earning some LIST token with my stake.

Congratulations to me. I wish I can hit 5k LIST staked in the next 30 days. Let's see how it turns out to be.


LIST is very much under the radar token. I am keenly following the LIST development.

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