Survive Ten Years In Nigeria, Best Believe You Will Survive Anywhere In The World.

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Sometimes I seat and reflect on my country, how far we've come and I try most times to imagine where we are going. The race for survival here is an endless race, everyone is struggling to survive one thing or the other, hence the reason I caption this post, "Survive Ten Years In Nigeria, Best Believe You Will Survive Anywhere In The World".

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Good day everyone, today I've decided to participate on this wonderful initiative, OCD Community Boost Contest, an initiative that is designed by @ocd to help support different communities. The question pose for this week's contest is, "What is the cost of living like in your country or region?".
The present state of my country would permit me to say it's quite expensive to live in my country. There is rise in prices of almost everything if not everything. My country is the one place where if the price of rice increases, it will affect the prices of other commodities. It is as if all the different commodities are linked to each other, hence when the price of one go up, it's an excuse for the others to increase as well.
And the painful aspect is, once the price goes up, it is very difficult for the price to come down.

To survive in this part of the world, you have to be a true hustler, you keep doing things that will keep the income stream flowing. The price of food and other commodities are always increasing in this part of the world, hence your pocket need to be strong enough to handle the heat. Once upon a time, we can say the cost of living in a particular region is cheaper than some other regions, but the present day Nigeria, the heat of survival is touching everyone. Every single man and woman is doing all they need to do to put meals on their table and roof over their heads.
Transportation here can be so not friendly, but this varies in different regions, in some region, transportation is very affordable while in others, well, I pray the lord save your pocket. This applies to housing too you know, some region, your account must be really heavy for you to get apartments there, while in other regions the price is fair enough. A lazy person wouldn't survive a week in this country, you just have to be up and doing, always ready to be on the move, because you can wake up the next morning and hear the price of a particular product have increased. When I say increase, it's not a case of a small percentage was add, the prices can be really scary sometimes, imagine something you all buy for 2500 naira and you wake up one morning and you hear it's now 4000 naira. I know right? such increase is what you expect in my country.

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I do know one thing though, Nigerians are survivers, like the problems come every single day and we never stop pushing, it's really difficult but we have too much happiness inside of us for these folks to make us sad. You have to work twice as hard to stand strong in this country, one thing that has keep so many Nigerians from falling is the thought of survival. Surviving through each day and it's hurdles, if one think about the many problems in this country, death will just take you, but surviving each obstacles while trying to make it a better place for the next generations. Just the other day, I was having this craving to have Garri, Milk, Groundnut and Sugar (this is one survival meal in my country), I walked into a local store to buy Cowbell Milk and I received a heavy blow when I was told it's now 50 Naira, this was something I bought some days back for 30 Naira, like where did that 20Naira come from? I laughed out so loud after asking the lady that question, and her response even crack me more when she said, "CHANGE IS CONSTANT". The truth is, every single person contributed one way or the other to the present day Nigeria. God give us strength to do better.

So, for me, the cost of living in this country is expensive and also you need good survival skill. Like I said, Survive Ten Years In Nigeria, Best Believe You Will Survive Anywhere In The World.



Is it that bad in your country? I checked Nigerian GDP other day, it is gradually increasing, you guys have a lot of potential in the future, but the population is rapidly growing.

We have a lot of potential no doubt, but currently, we are faced with the Challenge of struggling to survive, many Nigerians will tell it ain't easy out here, others might tell you it okay here, but then, the truth is, we are still struggling. No doubt in the near future we will be better, but for now, it's a survival zone.

I think it's the same withmy country too, especially during covid. So many people, so many cases and less productivity.

Which country are you from? Truth is every country have their problems, how you survive is what matters.

India bro

Nice one

Well said...

Nigeria is becoming tougher by the day...

Yes bro, and now it's looking like the struggle is becoming more tough too. You must be a Nigerian?


Really tough bro...
Everyone's searching for greener pastures presently...

Nice to meet you man.

So true, every one is struggling to get a better side out of everything and trying so hard not to give up.

Real said, you got it all🤩🤩🤩🤩✌️

Thanks man. ✌️✌️