How to get the best out of hive communities contests. Host of each contests. And Requirements for each Contest.


Hi hivers today is another day for the newbies post , without wasting time i am going to outline how to get the best out of hive communities contests, host of each contest and their Rules.


Rules to follow in this Black & White photography challenge:

*Black and white images that represent any positive meaning in life.
*Present one or two images every day.
*You may add people if you want.
*No explanation.
*Use the tag - #bnwphotography - as your first tag.

**shadowhunters contest ** hosted by @showdowhunters head person @melinda010100 and @annephilbrick @nelinoeva and @galenkp

🙂Please take a moment to review the Rules below

•🔆Place your entry link in the comment section of this post !

•🔅The photos must be your own.

•🔅One entry per Person. Be fair to everyone and do not enter from more than one account

•🔅The title of your post should make clear that it is an ~ Entry for the Shadow Contest.

•🔆Post into the

the Shadow Hunters Communityhive-179017

•🔆If you create a post with multiple shadow photos, you should state which one is your entry, otherwise I will assume it is the first photo.

.🔆Please use 👉 #Shadows as one of your first 5 tags.

IMPORTANT Remember to keep the main focus of your picture on the shadow! After all, this is a shadow contest.

Feel free to use editing and effects to create a special look if you want. Phone photos are great-This is not a photography contest!

It should go without saying that the photo must be your original work and creativity counts. . NEVER use photos you find on the

Amazing Nature Contest hosted by @adalger of @amazingnature community working with @jlufer @redheadpei @nelinoeva @oscurity @bucipuci @juanbg

Contest Rules :
POST your entry INTO the AMAZING NATURE COMMUNITY. You can also use the #amazingnature TAG if you like to ^^
CLEARLY MENTION that your post is an ENTRY for this contest.
All pictures have to be your own. You can use the amazing nature banner if you like or create your own.
STATE IN THE TEXT why those pictures are representing YOUR AMAZING NATURE. This is an ESSENTIAL part of this contest; 200 words minimum!
Drop the LINK to your post IN THE COMMENTS. You can add a picture if you like. It is NECESSARY as I have to post a link in Discord on Friday, 5 days later for voting and also for my own compiling purposes.
The entry window is open for ~ 5 DAYS. Watch out for the -CLOSED in the title.

Monomad Challenge hosted by @monochromes of black and white community.

Contest Rules:
Post your entries in the Black And White Community (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Clearly mention the #monomad challenge in your post title or post body. For example: "This is my entry for the #monomad challenge" (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
At least 50% of the submitted post, including the first image, needs to be black and white (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Use the #monomad tag (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Every photograph must be yours. Plagiarism will be immediately reported (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
Reusing previously posted images will be treated as content recycling and it will be reported as well (ELIMINATORY FACTOR).
We reserve the right to change the contest rules at any given time without further notice.

Ecotrain contest Ecotrain weekly Questions is hosted by @ecotrain community, in this contest you write what you feel is the answer pertaining to that week contest.

Rules to follow

We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this QOTW.

Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.

You can post anytime from now until to a week time.

You must Subscribe to the ecoTrain Community to post.

I am alive challenge hosted by @iamalivechalleng community working with @wearealive @flaxz.alive ensure to hangout with #wearealivetribe

Sun Thursday contest hosted by @uwelang using @photographylovers community to broadcast.

Please create a post using the tag SunThursday showing your own original photography or video work covering the sun or write about positivity which I link to the sun which enabled and maintains the possibility of life in general. The three best submissions will receive their prize token after 5 days.

Contest rules
Post photography, video or written content covering the topic SUN
Use the tag #SunThursday as your first tag
Add link to your submission in the comments on THIS post
Consider to "vote&reblog" this post to spread the contest (not mandatory but it might help)
Only original (your own) content will qualify

Photography lovers contest

Hosted by @photographylovers where you post amazing photos of yourself, friends, landscape etc.

@Leofinance community: where you makes Post of crpto currency, inflations, FUD and others coins related matters.

Actifit community hosted by @actifit where you makes Post of your daily actifits and so on

Comments and reblog are welcome Thanks


Thx for highlighting:

Sun Thursday contest hosted by @uwelang using @photographylovers community to broadcast.

However I do not always use one certain community for the post, you are not required to post in a certain community, just use tag and reply to the fitting contest post.


Thank you for mentioning Amazing Nature Community.
For clarification:
ANC organizes two competitions.
The main competition is announced by @adalger and various entries can be made according to the rules
The second Thematic Challenge has a new theme each week, which is decisive for the competition entry.