My Risingstar Day: 12 card pack or unique cards?

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Good evening my friends, today another question, another dilemma.
I just reached 100k starbits so i was was thinking: better buy 12 cards pack or go on and buy other specific cards and increase my unique cards collection?

After meditating a little in my mind i come to a conclusion. Afraid to take some cards that could raise up to much my ego i decided to take some steps wise and bought 3 new unique cards.


male rapper.png

lead guitarist.png

my final situation looks like that now

final stats.png

i'm satisfied with myself. My ego has dropped significantly.

this morning i also rank up at 55

rank 55.png

and want to thank you Jux that sent me giveaway reward from sunday event :)
i choose 2 skill boost
skill boost.png

There is always a lot of things to do in risingstar and in a further future maybe i'll start to craft instruments.

and maybe one days i become like this. LOL this guy really rocks


Those are some very cool buys. You are ding do well. I'm learning a lot from your posts. Thanks for sharing your tips. Keen to see how these new cards have improved your rank!

thank you my friend and happy my tips will help you to grow. sometimes is good to stop a little and think before act, but never stay on your feets without doing nothing. Always move forward. one step at a time and you will reach your goals

100%! onwards and upwards/ We keep moving!

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