Man, I love it when things start to come together! Been playing on a t ...

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Man, I love it when things start to come together! Been playing on a test subdomain while waiting on and to transfer... Just going to say that both of these sites are going to be monsters! Can't wait to get them out to the community! #hivecommerce #hive

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Looking forwards to see them :D

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Nice one dude - keep the home fires burning.

LIST is very much under the radar, Though I have written about it quite a few time , look like user fail to take notice of it.
You know, I was accumulating CTP when most of user had not heard about it, get some decent chunk of CTP when finally user noticed , same will happen with LIST too.

@thelogicaldude, Get going is easy when lot of hard work is invested. Looks like you invested lot of hard work to build this journey. Feeling excited for the future.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

Thanks for the support!


It's wonderful to hear the news.
Best of Luck!

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