Test Post from the New Hivehustlers.com!

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This is the first post from hivehustlers.com that is built on Wordpress and connected to Hive using the @exxp plugin!

This is a test post to make sure everything works right! Getting ready to do an intro video as well as all of the how to articles on setting up your profile and how to use the platform so stay tuned! Those may take me some time, haha.

Really excited for this!

test pattern image from pixabay.com

Posted from my blog with Exxp : https://www.hivehustlers.com/@thelogicaldude/test-post-from-the-new-hivehustlers-com/


Looking good.

Good call using WordPress! The exxp plugin is really cool and using the hive-xxxxxx community tag as the first in exxp default tags will post in that community.

Yep, that's how I have it set up!

Glad and honored to see a graphic I made on top ;)

Yeah I loved that banner! Thanks for the work you contributed!

You're welcome buddy!

It's Alive!

Awesome. This is an exciting time.

Nice work dude

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