Introduction to HiveHustlers com A Video Overview

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Hello everyone, this is a video overview of my latest project for the Hive blockchain community,! This is meant to be a bridge site between the traditional social media space and the blockchain world...A place for entrepreneurs especially to come and learn about blockchain and get their feet wet before diving head first into this crazy crypto space. Anything missed from this video will most likely be answered in the FAQ section of the site, but if not, you can come join the new HustlerChat and ask the community!

Below are the important default tags to use when setting up your profile that I promised from the video...

hive-183630 hivehustlers

Don't use a comma, just need the space... Again it's also int the FAQ post on setting up your profile!

See you on the blockchain!

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Site is looking good. Excited about the COM token. I still have a bunch of hustler miners so fun to see those rolling on.

Awesome! Stack em up! I think everyone will be pleased with the payouts

That's a very thorough overview of the Hive Hustlers site. I was introduced to the Crypto world by Jon and Blain in Click Track Profit. I will be back here poking around a little bit at a time to get familiar with the site.

Awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

Good Morning, @thelogicaldude! You're very welcome! Enjoy your day! 😀

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I'm a bit late on this post, but better than never...
Do you have some plans for, or you will focus more on this stuff and building a community on .COM website?

I like the idea of using it as a gate for entering the Hive world... Keep on hustling!

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Already using it for the nitrous site

Hehehe... I know that, but was rather asking about your personal focus? Will you push more one or another (.com with WP+community thing, or .IO with Nitrous tribe)?

Tbh, I'm curious about the nitrous site and HUSTLER token development... I should check your previous video about current tokenomics and try to predict where will it go...

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So basically the .com allows me to do different things a little different so that we can bring in new blood into the space. It’s the bridge between the traditional space and the blockchain space. I have some really cool plans for the future, just trying to get the fundamentals going... I’ll just put the word Fiverr into your head... ;) basically looking at using the .com as a service provider site like that in the future and Hustler and COM will be the primary tokens of that platform... More to come!

I want to drive focus to both, because they are all apart of the same thing. The .io just gives me a way to make it easier to post in chain than using the Wordpress stuff. The whole profile setup is kinda a pain to explain to be honest, lol. So with the nitrous side, it allows me to lead people from the .com to the .io and using the .com more for off chain discussion. Will bounce back and forth to discord, but I want to focus on building the brand as a whole. The .com has a trending area that pulls posts from the HiveHustlers tag as well as the other communities that I am supporting. It will all make sense soon, I promise.