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Yes, here it is! The next evolution of the Hivelist platform! As a team, we are excited to bring you this, hopefully the final version for a while, haha. If you are new and don't know what Hivelist is, then this is a great video for you! We are a classifieds platform on the Hive blockchain giving way for ecommerce, or as we like to say, HiveCommerce, using HIVE and HBD as well as the Hive Engine second layer tokens.

Checkout this overview of the platform and hope to see you posting soon!

The following tags will activate your post to the Hivelist platform:
hivelist, classifieds, hivecommerce, forsale, services, events, gigs

Use one or more of these tags to get involved, or simply go to https://hivelist.io to get started!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

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Very good ideas and practices, the upcoming NFTs will even make the possibilities more versatile. Kind of got the coding bug myself too, designing a altruism-based "shop" for wants and needs, like a Timebank 2.0.

The gov can kind of "outlaw" neighbour help by taxing it. We used to have tens of local sharing groups, having time as a "currency". Time is infinite, and its easier to justify an hour of help for another, than artificial price tags. So in some sense, inflation basically effects only the Monopoly currencies.

So with the upcoming worldwide Social Credit system from China, people are rewarded for total obedience, and punished for speaking out. The problem is, who writes down the moral code? It could be us working together in communities, or being the information age slaves.

So these kinds of developments brings back hope, possibilities to work outside the centralized norms and communicate with little interruptions. Really appreciated m8!

I like the new look, and you have done a great job... The idea is great, and I will see how can I contribute to it... I'm not into selling stuff, so I'm still not sure how can I be useful...

Curating content? What is the author/curation ratio?

Cheers! And wish you the best with the platform!


Wow, that's a great job you've done. Quite beautiful. I think I can talk to friends out there that wants a space to sell their products to join us. I hope I'll receive some referral bonus....

Thanks for the feedback. We don't have a referral program at this time. Since you are an investor in the platform, it should be an incentive enough to get more people to the platform so they can also invest in the platform which will raise the value. Also using our promote button and burning tokens will also help.

Yeah, my call for bonus was on a lighter note. Every growth in this community is a buildup for stakeholders.

Even tokenomics looks very stable.

I hope traffic will increase in coming days.

Very true. Hivelist is one underutilized tribe on Hive blockchain.

spotting early has both risk and rewards. But I think it is worth promoting.
So far, it look solid to me.

man you video is not working

Video is working fine, check your browser settings. If you are using Brave you will need to turn shields off for 3speak videos

Is there more details on how one can leverage the platform for digital arts ? There is https://nftshowroom.com/ built by @nftshowroom - so I understand this is another market place for digital arts ? or you are collaborating with them ? I have a friend who wants to post / sell his digital arts, so trying to get more details so that I can pass on to him to get started.

This platform is just a classifieds platform. You still have to make your NFTs on nftshowroom or whatever platform or blockchain you make it on for that matter. Then on Hivelist you make a post and put the link for your art. That's it.

What we are doing is purchasing art in that has commercial rights and then putting that art on tshirts and other items and selling that in the Hivelist store.

I posted something for sale but noticed that there are no other actual for sale listings that I can see.
Too many non-selling posts.

There are quite a few 'forsale' items on Hivelist. But we need more people using it to sell things to help it grow! I do what I can to moderate and filter out the garbage posts but can only do so much. Nobody seems to want to try and make money from actual commerce...

Yes, I'm sure its frustrating.
I've got a number of items on eBay and I'd far prefer to sell them on HiveList.
I can't stand Big Tech and the PayPal fees are obscene.

I'll list a couple more items but I can't see how anyone would actually find my things to buy given the current presentation of the front end.

Is there some way you could modify the front end so that there is a set format for posts that are actually selling things and comment posts are separated out (and perhaps have a limit on rewards).

Why would you have a limit on rewards? And no, the Hive-Engine team hosts and runs the front end via their condenser server. If you post using the correct tags like forsale, then it will show up under that category. Hivelist is more like Craigslist than eBay if you are trying to make comparisons.