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RE: Welcome to Hivelist 2.0

in Threespeak6 months ago

Very good ideas and practices, the upcoming NFTs will even make the possibilities more versatile. Kind of got the coding bug myself too, designing a altruism-based "shop" for wants and needs, like a Timebank 2.0.

The gov can kind of "outlaw" neighbour help by taxing it. We used to have tens of local sharing groups, having time as a "currency". Time is infinite, and its easier to justify an hour of help for another, than artificial price tags. So in some sense, inflation basically effects only the Monopoly currencies.

So with the upcoming worldwide Social Credit system from China, people are rewarded for total obedience, and punished for speaking out. The problem is, who writes down the moral code? It could be us working together in communities, or being the information age slaves.

So these kinds of developments brings back hope, possibilities to work outside the centralized norms and communicate with little interruptions. Really appreciated m8!